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Graduate Assistantship

ASU Graduate School offers its students the opportunity to apply for a Graduate Assistantship. There are over one hundred available positions that the graduate school looks forward to filling each year. These Graduate Assistantships provide students the opportunity to acquire essential experience in research, teaching, technical or administrative fields while pursuing their degree. Some of the additional benefits include

  • Bimonthly pay
  • In-state tuition rate for Master’s Degree candidates
  • Full tuition waiver for Ph.D. candidates
  • Full-time status with only 6 credit hours of coursework for Master students
  • Full-time status with only 9 credit hours of coursework for Doctoral students

Graduate assistantships are available in the following colleges and service areas:


Agriculture & Technology

Nursing & Health Professions


Sciences & Mathematics

Education & Behavioral Science

University College


Distance Education (CVN)

Fine Arts

Graduate Student Council

Graduate School

ITTC Faculty Center


Learning Support Services

Humanities & Social Sciences

Registrar's Office

Media & Communication

Research and Technology Transfer

Military Science



Center for Excellence in Education

Heritage Studies

Environmental Sciences

Molecular Biosciences

Physical Therapy


To apply for a Graduate Assistant position, fill out the Graduate Assistant Application and submit it directly to the department of your major or interest. To check the availability of positions please contact the department.

Download the GA Application >>