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Fall 2015

Anton PosterAnton in Show Business

by Jane Martin 

October 2, 5, 6, 7, 2015

"A smart, acerbic crowd pleaser... Simultaneously a love letter and a poison pen letter to the American theatre." - Variety

"Funny, smart, wry and poignant." - Miami Herald

"Consciously an example of the problem it addresses, often with aching hilarity, that the world of theatre is growing ever more estranged from the straightforward business of telling stories." - The New York Times


Trojan Women PosterThe Trojan Women

a drama adapted by Ellen McLaughlin from the play by Euripides  

November 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 2015

In the wake of their devastating defeat, the women of Troy, all now widows, wait on the beach below the ravaged city to be claimed by their Greek conquerors as slaves and concubines. Though the war is over, exile and degradation lie ahead and the fates of these women, including Queen Hecuba, her daughter Cassandra, the doomed, mad prophetess, and her daughter-in-law Andromache, widow of the great Hector, are still in the balance.


Spring 2016

Miss Firecracker PosterThe Miss Firecracker Contest

by Beth Henley

February 26, 27, 29, Mar. 1, 2, 2016

A long-run Off-Broadway success, this explosively funny play again demonstrates the author's unique gift for finding rich lodes of humor—and simple wisdom—in the zany activities of small-town life. "…the evening's torrential downpour of humor—alternately Southern-Gothic absurdist, melancholy and broad—almost never subsides." —NY Times. "…there is a story, with suspense and conflict—but where it shines is in the imagination of the playwright, in the characters she has created, in the strangeness and depth of their emotions, in the lines written for them to speak, and in her own astonishing, humorous vision." —The New Yorker. "It's a comic volcano of a play, populated by offbeat, but vital, larger-than-life characters…" —The Hollywood Reporter. "These are obviously the kinds of roles actors can happily chomp on…" —Time Magazine.


R & J PosterShakespeare’s R & J

an adaptation by Joe Calarco

April 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 2016

“Hot-blooded…Wrenching…[It] pulsates with an adolescent abandon and electricity of which Romeo himself might approve.” —The New York Times.

“R&J is a gem, the most inventive reimagining of a classic in years.” —The Wall Street Journal.

“A revelatory adaptation. One will never view the Shakespeare war horse without this production in the mind’s eye.” —USA Today.

“This is one of the most electrifying adaptations of Shakespeare I have ever seen. When it comes to originality, sexiness, and daring, it is right up there with West Side Story.” —The Telegraph (London).

“A superb version that will open your eyes and ears to the piece as if you were experiencing it with unjaded wonder for the first time.” —The Independent (London).