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Current Season

Summer Children's Theatre 2015

Goloshes of Fortune

by Elizabeth Wong, from the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson

June 24th at 10am and 2pm

June 25th at 10am and 2pm

June 26th at 10am and 7:30pm

Drama Theatre, Fowler Center

A tale of mysterious magical rain boots that will grant the wearer's greatest wish. Two meddlesome fairies wonder whether human beings can really know what brings happiness, so they slip the magical goloshes onto the feet of unsuspecting children who think they know what they want. This modern-day version of the original Goloshes of Fortune is infused with dancing, Danish dialogue, and, of course, a pair of yellow Wellingtons.

Miss Electricity

by Kathryn Walat

July 29th @ 10am and 2pm

July 30th @ 10am and 2pm

July 31st @ 10am and 7:30pm

Drama Theatre, Fowler Center

Violet is determined to show the world just how special she is. With the help of her assistant Freddy, she sets out to break a world record, but becomes accidentally extraordinary when she's struck by lightning -- twice -- and gains control over all things electric. Under the name Miss Electricity, Violet zaps her way through circuits, bullies, and tests, but could lose everything when the power goes to her head.