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2014 Season

The Reluctant Dragon

Adapted by Tom Poole and Jon Cranney: Music by Michael Koerner: Directed by Jeff McLaughlin

A child becomes fast friends with a kind and funny dragon on the edge of town. Then the people of the town find out about the dragon and send for St. George, a dragon slayer. All three become friends and find themselves in a quandary. George doesn’t want to fight the dragon and the dragon has no desire to fight George. A plan is hatched and a celebration results!

The Three Bully Goats Griff

by Patrick Rainville Dorn: Directed by Bob Simpson

With a tweak and a twist, the children's tale of the Billy Goats Gruff has become the perfect tool to teach elementary audiences about bullying. Billy, the smallest of the three goats decides to become a "bully goat." A group of good-doers and victims gangs together to teach Billy a lesson.

2013 Season

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

by Vicki Ireland: Directed by Molly Simpson

A country mouse, bored with rural life, is visited by his city cousin and learns he has inherited a large house.  While there, the mice run into adventures, particularly when they encounter two tricky city mice.  Exciting, irresistible, and feisty!

Two Dumb Dogs

by Edith Weiss: Directed by Molly Simpson

Ferdo and Floof are two not-very-bright-dogs – well, at least to some people.  Constantly getting into trouble with their owner Roger, due mainly to their desire to break his rules, the two dogs decide to run away and seek fame and fortune on their own. Charming, adorable, and enchanting!

2012 Season

Tales of Hans Christian Anderson

adapted by Carolyn Lane; directed by: Molly Simpson

From an assortment of surprise packages comes four very special surprise gifts: The stories of The Tin Soldier, The Swineherd, The Ugly Duckling, and The Little Mermaid.

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by Carol Lauck; directed by: Molly Simpson

A group of fun fables and foibles come alive as each story is told with audience interaction and fast paced fun and laughter!

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2011 Season


by Charlotte Chorpenning; directed by: Molly Simpson

A zany retelling of the classic story of Rumpelstiltskin.

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Hansel and Gretel

by William Glennon; directed by: Molly Simpson

A playful version of the the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel.

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2010 Season

The Absolutely Awesome Giant

by Bruce Shearer; directed by: Molly Simpson

Is he giant, or isn't he? Travel down the road with the awesome Giant to meet singing snails, a boxing beetle, and maybe even a monster or two.

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Pippi Longstocking

by Wesley Van Tassell, arranged and adapted from the stories of Astrid Lindgren; directed by: Molly Simpson

Meet Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim's Daughter Longstocking, the strongest girl in the world! smart, sassy, funny, and unique

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2009 Season

The Little Mermaid

by Sandra Fenichel Asher adapted from the story by Hans Christian Anderson; directed by: Molly Simpson

The classic story about a young mermaid willing to give up everything to gain the love of a human Prince comes alive with the help of the audience. Join the beautiful Mermaid, the Sea Witch, and Handsome Prince in an underwater adventure.

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by Robert Neil Porter, Music and Lyrics by Jack Petty; directed by: Molly Simpson

Adventurous, fun and engaging, Aladdin discovers a magic lamp and with the aid of a Genie, wins the hand of the Lovely Princess, But wait... not without trouble from the Evil Magician.

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2008 Season

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

adapted from the tale by the Brothers Grimm by Judith Baker Kase; directed by: Molly Simpson

Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all? Is it Snow White? Is it the Evil Queen? Maybe it's one of the seven dwarfs! Join in the fun with the whole family to find out.

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Jack and the Bean Stalk

dramatized by William Glennon; directed by: Molly Simpson

FE FI FO FUM! This classic tale comes to life with rhymes, song, dance, magic beans and lots of audience participation. Join Jack, the Giant, and the Golden Harp for lots of fun...at any age.

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2007 Season

Bigger Than Life!

by Cynthia Mercati; directed by: Molly Simpson

Tall Tales, Folk Tales, Talking Tales...Whatever you call them, it's knee slappin', rip roarin' fun, as some of the best loved characters in American folklore come to life. Prepare to be amused, amazed, astounded and infinitely entertained with lots of music and audience participation. Corporate Sponsor: Brackett-Krennerich & Associates, Architects

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The Invention

by Brad Gromelski; directed by: Molly Simpson

Attempts to put together a toy machine by Joyo and her friends erupt into trouble when Kalibad shows up to ruin everything! The main character however, is the audience, who without their help, the toys will never get made.

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2006 Season

Nick Tickle, Fairy Tale Detective

by Steph Deferie; directed by: Molly Simpson

Join Nick as he sets out to locate the Mysterious Figure who's been pilfering all the props! He may require some help from the audience, but Nick Tickle is out to solve his toughest case ever. There's sure to be plenty of clever audience participation and lots of laughs for junior detectives and their grown-ups. This production is sponsored by Brackett-Krennerich & Associates, Architects.

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

by Tom McCabe; directed by: Molly Simpson

Join us for this hilarious comedy which cleverly combines the tale of The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood with a hungry wolf stuck between them! Children and adults will delight in the whirlwind antics of the three pigs, a French Canadian woodsman, and Cornelius B.B. Wolf, who might actually get something to eat, if he doesn't keep blowing things away. 

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2005 Season

The Elves and the Shoemaker

directed by: Molly Simpson

The midnight magic of elves reverses the misfortune of a poor shoemaker and his wife. An upbeat whimsical romp of a fantasy that also holds a gentle message about the nature of kindness.

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Witches, Britches, Rings 'n Things

directed by: Molly Simpson

A patchwork of storytelling brings together some of our best fairytales including "The Three Sillies" and "The Billie Goats Gruff." Lots of audience participation and excitement from the beginning to end.

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2004 Season

Raggedy Ann & Andy

based on the Bobbs-Merril Book; written by Patricia Thackray; directed by: Molly Simpson

America's most enduring folk dolls come to life in a production that captures the imagination. This freewheeling romp combines an action packed plot and lively audience participation. An adventure for the child in all of us.

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Sleeping Beauty: The Hundred Year Adventure

by Linda Daugherty; directed by: Molly Simpson

Everyone will enjoy a slightly new take on this classic fairy tale in which the action moves back and forth in time over a hundred years. Delight in the twists of adventure, danger, and excitement...fun for the entire family.

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2003 Season

Peter Rabbit and Me

by Aurand Harris; directed by: Molly Simpson

A delightful joyous dramatization of Beatrix Potter's beloved "The Tale of Peter Rabbit." Filled with humor, adventure, colorful characters, and all the magic of children's theatre.

The Brave Little Tailor

by Aurand Harris; directed by: Molly Simpson

An utterly enchanting version of the Grimm fairy tale that proves that you do not have to be big to be strong!
Two silly ogres take on the little tailor with hilarious results and a very happy ending.

2002 Season

The Gingerbread Man

directed by: Molly Simpson

This well known, smart-talking cookie leaps off the pages and onto the stage in this action-packed, fun-filled production. Full of silly characters, funny puns,and slapstick comedy, it is guaranteed to leave the audience laughing and delighted.

The Ugly Duckling

by Karen Letts; directed by: Molly Simpson

A familiar tale emphasizing that real beauty comes from within and teaches a lesson while entertaining at the same time. Music, audience participation, and lots of fun and laughter are promised.