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The faculty, staff, students and alumni of the ASU Bands warmly welcome you and invite you to learn more about our program.  

For nearly 80 years, the ASU Bands have been an important part of Arkansas State University.  Currently, more than 200 students participate in five different large ensembles and numerous small ensembles, each designed to offer every student an opportunity for continued musical growth.  Students who participate in our program can expect to refine their individual musical skills, perform a varied repertoire of music, explore relationships among music and other disciplines outside the arts, and enjoy collaborating with other students to make music while developing life-long relationships and memories.

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Athletic Bands

Concert Ensembles

The concert ensembles within the ASU Band Program provide both music and non-music majors the opportunity to perform a broad spectrum of the finest repertoire for our medium.  Course credit is available for all of the concert ensembles.  Please click on each of the links below to learn more about each ensemble. 

Wind Ensemble

The ASU Wind Ensemble is comprised of approximately 50 of the finest graduate and undergraduate student musicians at Arkansas State University.  The configuration of the wind ensemble is unique in that one or sometimes two musicians play each individual part written by the composer.  This defining characteristic makes the ensemble quite flexible and ideal for exploring a wide variety of instrumental combinations and musical styles.  While the majority of participants are music majors, non-music majors compete equally for positions within the ensemble. The Wind Ensemble performs two to three concerts on-campus each semester.  Auditions are held the first week of classes in August for the Fall semester and the last week of November for the Spring semester.

Timothy Oliver conducts the Wind Ensemble, which meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the Fall Semester and Monday through Friday during the Spring Semester.

Symphonic Band

The ASU Symphonic Band is comprised of accomplished wind and percussion players including music majors and non-majors from throughout the university.  The band, which performs two concerts during the spring semester, performs traditional and contemporary repertoire that uses full instrumentation.  Auditions for the ASU Symphonic Band are held during the last week of November. 

Sarah Labovitz conducts the Symphonic Band, which meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the Spring Semester.

Athletic Bands

A-State Marching Band

Each year, the A-State Marching Band provides nearly 200 students with opportunities to continue their musical activities and growth, and serves as an excellent way to meet classmates and develop lasting friendships.  The A-State Marching Band is a vital part of the action of Sun Belt Conference and Bowl Championship Series football.  Each year the performances of the band are varied and exciting, offering polished and energetic shows in a modified drum-corps style.  We take great pride in performing multiple shows each football season.

ASU has long recognized the many talents and contributions of its student musicians. As a result, the ASU Band Program is pleased to have an innovative scholarship program for students who perform in the A-State Marching Band. Scholarships are in the form of tuition remission and may be awarded to any student accepted for membership in the A-State Marching Band, regardless of academic major in the University.  Furthermore, as a course in the Department of Music, students may receive academic credit for participation in the A-State Marching Band.

Membership in the A-State Marching Band is open to any student by audition. For audition information or more information on the A-State Marching Band, please contact Dr. Sarah Labovitz, Director of Athletic Bands at slabovitz@astate.edu.

Click here for information on the A-State Marching Band Drum Line.

Basketball Band

The A-State Basketball Band performs for Arkansas State Men's and Women's basketball games and is an integral part of Sun Belt Conference History and Tradition. The A-State Basketball Band is known to Arkansas State fans for its spirit and musical excellence. In addition to performing for home games, the A-State Basketball Band has traveled with the teams to the Sun Belt Conference, NIT, WNIT and NCAA Tournaments at various locations throughout the country.

Membership in the A-State Basketball Band is limited to 60 musicians.  Students who are members in good standing of the ASU Band Program are eligible to participate.  Scholarships in the form of tuition remission are available to members of the A-State Basketball Band.

Please contact Dr. Sarah Labovitz, if you have any questions about the A-State Basketball Band.


Dr. Timothy W. Oliver, Director of Bands, Coordinator of Wind and Percussion Studies ; 

Dr. Sarah Labovitz, Director of Athletic Bands, Associate Director of Bands

Prospective Students

The Arkansas State University Band Program has something for every person’s musical ability and for every musical taste.  The Concert Ensembles and Athletic Bands at Arkansas State offer more than an opportunity for musical excellence - they also provide an instant feeling of belonging, a chance to participate in some of the university's most popular classes and the opportunity to form life-long friendships.  As a member of the Arkansas State University Band Program, you will become part of a nearly 80-year tradition of musical excellence.  Membership in any of the performing groups is open to students from across campus, regardless of major.

If you plan to visit the ASU campus, please let us know you are coming!  We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and find out how we can help you find a home with the Arkansas State Bands.  Whether you are a music major looking toward a career in music, or a non-major with the desire to continue playing your instrument, there is a place for you in the band program at Arkansas State!  We encourage you to join us for an exciting collegiate career of music making and welcome you to the Arkansas State Band family.

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Athletic Bands

ASU drum line member

Athletic bands provide opportunities to continue your musical activities and growth, and serves as an excellent way to meet classmates and develop lasting friendships.

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2014 A-State Conducting Colloquium
Nov. 20-22

Click here for information on the 2014 A-State Conducting Colloquium featuring Dr. Tim Oliver, Dr. Joseph Missal, and the A-State Wind Ensemble. November 20-22, 2014.