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Procedure Manual


Preface 00-01
Mission 00-02


Administrative Organization Flow Charts - Arkansas State University
Administrative Organization Flow Chart - College of Education
Administrative Procedures 01-03
Administrative Council 01-04
Administrative Job Descriptions – Dean 01-05
Administrative Job Descriptions – Associate Dean 01-06
Administrative Job Descriptions – Director of the Center for Excellence in Education 01-07
Administrative Job Descriptions – Director of Professional Education Programs 01-08
Administrative Job Descriptions – Department Chairs 01-09


Promotion, Retention, and Tenure Criteria 02-01
Policy on Personnel Files 02-02
Pre-Tenure Faculty Review Policy 02-04
University Promotion, Retention, and Tenure Documents
College of Education Productivity Report Template
College of Education Vita Template
College of Education Syllabus Template

Committee Structure and Representative

Undergraduate Appeals Committee 03-01
Curriculum Committee 03-02
College Grievance Committee (Faculty) 03-03
Faculty Awards Committee 03-04
Graduate Council Representation 03-05
Student Grievance Pool 03-06
Honors Committee 03-07
Student Research Travel Support Committee 03-08
General Education Committee 03-09
Promotion, Retention, and Tenure Committee 03-10
Diversity Committee 03-11
Technology Committee Representative 03-12


Acronym List
Brief Historical Outline
Dean and Administrative Heads: A Chronological Outline
Productivity Report Template


Faculty Handbook
Student Handbook