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College of Education & Behavioral Science

Major Undergraduate Graduate Online
College Student Personnel Services M.S.
Curriculum and Instruction CertificateM.S.E
Early Childhood Education M.S.E M.S.E
Early Childhood Services M.S. M.S.
Educational Leadership Ed.D. Ed.S.CertificateM.S.E
Educational Theory and Practice M.S.E
Elementary Education B.S.E.
Exercise Science B.S. M.S.
Health Promotion B.S.
Mental Health Counseling Ed.S.Certificate
Middle-Level Education B.S.E. M.S.E
Physical Education B.S.E. M.S.E
Psychological Science M.S.
Psychology MinorB.S.
Psychology and Counseling Ed.S.Ed.S.
Reading Ed.S. Ed.S.M.S.E
Special Education B.S.E.
Special Education Director Certificate
Special Education, Gifted, Talented and Creative M.S.E CertificateCertificateM.S.E
Special Education Instructional Specialist K-12 M.A.T. CertificateM.S.E
Sport Management B.S.
Sport Administration M.S. M.S.
Superintendent Education Certificate
Teaching M.A.T.