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Steven Green


Dr. Steven Green

Professor of Soil and Water Conservation

Phone: 870-972-3463

Office: Agriculture, 213


D. Keith Morris


Dr. D. Keith Morris

Associate Professor of Agriculture/Spatial Technologies

Phone: 870-972-3468

Office: Agriculture, 212


Kim Pittcock


Dr. Kim Pittcock

Associate Professor of Horticulture

Phone: 870-972-2847

Office: Agriculture, 210


Calvin Shumway


Dr. Calvin Shumway

Associate Professor of Agronomy

Phone: (870) 972-3557

Office: Agriculture, 211


Tina Gray Teague


Dr. Tina Gray Teague

Professor of Entomology and Plant Science

Phone: (870) 972-2043

Office: Agriculture, 245


Gregory Phillips


Dr. Gregory Phillips

Professor of Plant Biotechnology

Phone: (870) 972-2375

Office: Agriculture, 332A