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A-State Equine Center

Equine Center Continues Thoroughbred Breeding Program

As we begin the new breeding year, we are very excited about developments that have occurred in the Equine Program at Arkansas State University and the Thoroughbred breeding industry in Arkansas! One exciting new change is the new Weanling and Yearling management class here at A-State. If you are interested in breeding one of our stallions Please contact Ms. Malissa Meyer.

Rascal Cat 2019 BRAHMS Flyer 2019

Garry Meadow's Arena at A-State's Equine Center


The A-State Equine Center was built in November, 2000. The project grew from just a single barn to a covered arena with adjacent pastures. The entire complex now covers 40 acres and houses a fifty-two stall barn with all the major amenities including stalls, tack rooms, spacious wash racks, a 300’ X 165’ covered arena, bleachers, sound system, and parking lot.

The Equine Center also contains areas for riding instruction and a classroom equipped for teaching equine production and management that doubles as a hospitality room for area events, such as regional FFA contests. 

The Garry Meadows Arena was named for the contractor who donated his labor preparing the land for construction. The entrance to the Equine Center, Fielder Road, is named for Lawrence Fielder, another contractor who assisted with the land preparation.

The Equine Center strives to meet the following goals:
  1. Provide educational opportunities in equine science and horsemanship to the students of A-State in order to educate future equine industry professionals.
  2. Provide a boarding facility to students and alumni of A-State.
  3. Provide an event facility for the general public to use for equine and non-equine related activities.
  4. Provide and promote an educational environment in which equine enthusiasts can gain horsemanship knowledge and improve their skill level in the events they enjoy.


Schedule of Events



April 17, April 24, May 8, May 15, June 5, June 12, June 26,

July 10, July 24, August 7.

  • Horse shows
  • Northeast Arkansas Horse Show Association
  • Contact: Ms. Alicia Kappelman
  • skappelm@hotmail.com

May 1st & 2nd 

  • High School Rodeo
  • (High School Rodeo Association)

    Contact the Equine Center's assistant, Megan Meese, to get your event on the Equine Center's calendar: (870) 972-3221 or mmeese@astate.edu

    The Arena and/or Show Barn will be closed for these events. Specific contact information is listed for each event. These are not A-State events.

    Spring 2020 Class Schedule

    M   W    1:30-3:30pm

    Intermediate Hunt Seat & Jumping

    M           4-5:50pm
    Horse Production Lab

    T    Th    12:00-1:20pm
    Intermediate Western Equitation

    T    Th    1:30-3:30pm
    Equine Reproduction

    T    Th    3:30-5:30pm
    Beginning Western Equitation