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Study Abroad For Students With Disabilities


Study Abroad is an academic experience outside the US in which students interact with people of another culture and participate in programs that are not available at ASU.

ASU has study abroad opportunities in a variety of fields. Study Abroad can be as short as spring break or as long as a semester or academic year abroad. Disability Services and the Office of International Programs encourage students with disabilities to participate in the Study Abroad Program at ASU.

Selecting a program

Several of the primary factors in selecting the right program include the subject you will study, the language you will be taught in, and the academic credit available for the course. The next set of factors will probably be location, timing, and duration. Some of the questions to which you will need to know the answers are:

  • What do you want or need to study?
  • Where do you want to go? Why?
  • Do you need to earn credit while abroad, or would a work abroad program not for credit be possible?
  • Are you fluent enough in a foreign language to take classes in it, or will it be necessary for you to take some or all of your coursework in English?
  • How much time can you afford to spend abroad, in terms of academic time and economic resources?

Planning ahead

A successful study abroad experience takes time, planning and commitment. Students with disabilities are encouraged to begin the planning process one year before the study abroad term. Disability Services, International Programs and your academic advisor will collaborate to identify the most suitable academic program and to determine the necessary accommodations. Disability Services is available to intervene with the partner institution as needed.

During the planning process, student tasks should include:

  • Meetings with Study Abroad advisor
  • Meeting with the academic advisor
  • Consultation with a physician and specialist
  • Meetings with financial aid counselor
  • Meetings with a Disability Services program assistant or counselor.

The following is a useful link on the various steps involved for a study abroad program:

Funding Study Abroad

The current financial aid package for most students will apply to courses that transfer back to ASU.
Resources for financial aid include:

Preparing for Study Abroad

Secure two copies of disability documentation to take abroad

  • Make ASU staff aware of your accommodation needs
  • Practice communicating disability and accommodation needs in the host country
  • Discuss potential disability and medical conditions
  • Medical support
  • Identify and contact disability organizations in host country
  • Be flexible and enjoy the ride

Disability Services can be helpful in the following way

  • Liaison/advocacy with faculty and administrators at the receiving schools
  • Textbooks in alternate formats as needed (books must be in Disability Services one month before departure)
  • Equipment loans
  • A plan for computer accessibility

You will find more information on Study Abroad at ASU by visiting the Office of International Programs.
Please feel free to contact the Office of International Programs in the International Student Center Room 200 to set up an appointment and begin planning your studies abroad.