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Peer Advising

Peer advising is a social and educational network of students who have had life changing experiences through study abroad. Peer Advisors are returned study abroad students who have deep appreciation for their cross-cultural experience and who would like to encourage others to go abroad. The main goal of peer advisors is to promote study abroad, educate and help future students who want to travel for educational purposes. To become a Peer Advisor please download the application complete it and send it to the Office of International Programs:

Peer Advisor Application: Peer_Advising_Application.doc

What do Peer Advisors do?

  • Talking with students about application procedures, requirements, choosing courses
  • Building relationships with students preparing to go abroad through informal conversations. Advise prospective study abroad students in one-on-one and group setting.
  • Being available to answer questions from students who want to hear from those that have been there.
  • Taking part in study abroad promotional activities such as: Distributing study abroad information to on campus.
  • Assisting with Study Abroad Fairs and Pre-Departure Orientations.
  • Peer advisors are available through e-mail and help at sessions organized by the study abroad office.