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University Planning Committee

MEMBERS (2014-2015)

Tim Hudson

Chancellor (Chair)

Rick Stripling

Student Affairs

Len Frey

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Lynita Cooksey

Vice Chancellor and Provost

Jason Penry

Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

Gina Hogue

Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Services

Julie Isaacson

Faculty Senate Representative

Nikki Turner

Staff Senate President

Andy Sustich

Director of Institutional Research

Russ Hannah

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

David Handwork

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities

Jill Simons

Deans Council Representative

Terry Mohajir

Director of Athletics

William McLean

Chairs Council Representative

Logan Mustain

SGA Representative

Justin Carothers

Graduate Student Council

Donna McMillin

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget Planning and Development (ex-officio)