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The Honors Council develops ideas, evaluates proposals for honors classes submitted by faculty to the respective College Honors Committees, and works closely with the Dean of the Honors College on all major aspects of the program.

Membership consists of the chairs of the College Honors Committees or their elected representative, the Dean of the Honors College or the Dean’s designee, and two students recommended by students in the Honors College and appointed by the SGA will serve on the committee.

This council reports to VCAAR through the Dean of the Honors College.


  • Beth Hood
  • Philip Tew
  • Holly Hall
  • Jeonghee Choi
  • Brandon Kemp
  • Joe Bonner
  • Deborah Chappel Traylor
  • Debbie Shelton
  • Maureen Dolan
  • Nikesha Nesbitt
  • Shalyn Wallace
  • Caitlyn Crowder
  • Rebecca Oliver (Chair)