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General Education Committee

The purpose of the General Education Committee (GEC) is to provide guidance and direction to the VCAAR to improve the quality and relevance of the University's general education curriculum. The GEC considers proposals for modification of the general education curriculum and reviews each course in the general education program once every four years to determine its acceptability as a general education course. The GEC will review assessment data on the general education program provided by the Assessment Office and make recommendations to the VCAAR.

Membership on the GEC consists of one faculty representative from each of these Colleges: Agriculture, Business, Communications, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Honors, Nursing and Health Professions, and University College. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences will be represented by three faculty representatives (from different departments) and the College of Sciences and Mathematics will be represented by two faculty representatives (from different departments). The Independent Department of Military Science will have one nonvoting, ex-officio faculty representative. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Services and Director of Assessment Services will serve as ex-officio, nonvoting members.

The chair, who must be tenured, will serve a three-year term and may not be reappointed to a consecutive three-year term. Members of the committee will be tenured faculty with a minimum of three-years of continuous service prior to serving on the committee. Each college will be responsible for determining the selection of its representative(s).

In those cases where there is an issue affecting a broad area of the general education core that is not represented by the composition of the current committee, a representative from the area not represented must be invited to attend the meeting and be afforded the opportunity to participate in the discussions before action is taken.

The committee reports to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research.


  • Randy Kesselring
  • Lillie Fears
  • Karen Yanowitz
  • Ilwoo “Josh” Seok
  • Ken Hatch
  • Rebecca Oliver
  • Jerry Ball
  • Gary Edwards
  • Pam Towery
  • Bob Bennett
  • Argelia Lorence
  • Toccara Carter
  • LTC Michael Fellure
  • Summer Deprow
  • Topeka Small
  • Kevin Humphrey
  • Gina Hogue, Ex-Officio
  • David Levenbach (Chair)