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Development, Communications, and Alumni Committee

The Development, Communications, and Alumni Committee advises and makes recommendations on issues concerning fund raising, communications, and alumni relations. The committee reports to the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement with copies to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research.

Membership consists of three undergraduate students appointed annually by the Student Government Association; two graduate students appointed annually by the Graduate Student Council; one faculty member from each college appointed by the Faculty Senate (staggered two-year terms); two staff members appointed by the Staff Senate (staggered two-year terms); two deans appointed by the Academic Deans Council (two-year term); one chair appointed by the Chairs Council (staggered two-year terms); Assistant to the Chancellor for Diversity Initiatives; Director of Alumni Relations; Director of Development; Director of University Communications; Director of Publications and Creative Services; Director of the Museum; and the Director of the Arkansas Biosciences Institute. The committee elects a chair at the beginning of each academic year.


  • Christy Valentine 
  • Alicia Rose
  • Hunter Petrus
  • William Winn
  • Paul Sikkel
  • Pradeep Mishra
  • Shane Hunt
  • Barbara Warner 
  • Shivan Haran
  • Stacy Troxel 
  • Casey McGarr
  • Minghui Gao
  • Bert Greenwalt
  • Kasey Eatkins
  • Marsha Carwell
  • Beverly Gilbert
  • Dale Miller 
  • Gail Hudson
  • Lillie Fears
  • Beth Smith
  • Jim Prock
  • Mark Reeves 
  • Marti Allen 
  • Andrew Sustich