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Current Shared Governance Proposals

Shared Governance 2013-14 Proposals

Spring 2014

Proposal Status
14SP-01 Annual Vote on Concealed Handguns on Campus In Committee
14SP-02 Change in PRT Procedures In Committee

Fall 2013

Proposal Status
13FA-01 Academic Advising Statement Chancellor's Office
13FA-02 University Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee Change Chancellor’s Office
13FA-03 Selection of Department Chairs Sent back for Rewrite
13FA-04 Membership of Employee Benefits Committee Change Chancellor’s Office
13FA-05 Policy of Non Discrimination   Suspended Pending University Council
13FA-06 Academic Calendars Pulled (2-12-14)
13FA-07 Adding Evaluation of Administrative Duties to PRT In Committee
13FA-08 Proposal for Modifying Post Tenure Review In Committee