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Current Shared Governance Proposals

Shared Governance 2017-18 Proposals

Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

Proposal Disposition Status
17FA-04R -Assessment Manuel (Version 3)

Responsible Committee - A-State Assessment Committee, Review Type- Full, Reviewing- Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Deans Council, & Chairs Council

Tabled (Pending Updates)

18SP-01 -Emotional Support/Comfort Animals Proposal

Responsible Committee - Disability Services Committee, Review Type- Full, Reviewing- All Constituency Groups Tabled (Pending Updates)

18SP-02 - Grad Faculty Status

Faculty Handbook - Section II.j w/ Revisions

Proposed Graduate Faculty Status Categories

Setting Disposition

Completed Proposals Fall 2017

Proposal Status
17FA-01 - Faculty Grievance Procedures Section of Faculty Handbook

Complete (Expedited Review)

17FA-02-Book of Committees

Complete (Full Review)

17FA-03- Faculty Handbook

Complete (Full Review)