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Honors Requirements

To qualify for Latin Honors, you must meet the following criteria as specified in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

  • Cum Laude (White Cord) – 3.60-3.79 GPA
  • Magna Cum Laude (Red Cord) – 3.80-3.99 GPA
  • Summa Cum Laude (Gold Cord) – 4.00 GPA
  • Honors College (Blue Cord)

To receive any of the above designations, students must be seeking their first baccalaureate degree, and have completed at least 45 semester hours of graded course work offered by Arkansas State University. If the student has transfer work, both the ASU GPA and the Overall Cumulative GPA must meet the requirement.

Honors cords may be picked up the week of graduation in the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration.

For additional information, please visit the Honors College.

Semester hours completed and grade points earned during the term in which the student is graduating WILL NOT be used to determine academic distinction (honors). For example, for students who graduate during the Fall term, academic distinction will be based on their LAST enrollment term, which may be Spring or Summer, depending on the student.