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Advanced Placement

The university awards credit to students who participate in their high school Advanced Placement (AP) Program administered by the College Board Placement Test Program. Students who wish to obtain Advanced Placement credit must request the College Board to forward their test scores to Arkansas State University after they have been admitted. Arkansas State University's College Board code is 6011. Students will be awarded credit in the courses listed below, provided they make satisfactory scores on appropriate AP examinations and meet other requirements designated by the department offering the course

To receive a grade for an AP Course/Concurrent Credit:

The student must sign up for concurrent enrollment, which means that students in high school need to also sign up for university or college credit with ASU or another institution. (The course is 'used' twice. The course is used to complete high school requirements and again for college credit.) When a student takes an AP course and is signed up for concurrent enrollment, a grade is reported back to the university at the end of the semester. The student earns college credit (grade and grade points and hours) which are calculated into a grade point average (GPA). The student may be required to take the AP exam as part of the high school requirement for the course but the score is not used in determining university credit because credit was awarded based on the grade earned in the course.

To receive AP credit and no grade:

If a student took an AP course as part of their high school curricula and did not sign up for concurrent enrollment with a university, the student is only eligible for AP credit and does NOT receive a university grade. The student earns college level credit when an appropriate score is earned on the AP exam. A grade is not reported to ASU or any other university at the end of the semester of completion.

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AP credit is not awarded for a course the student has already completed at the college/university level. AP credit granted at other institutions is not automatically transferable to Arkansas State University. Students who wish to transfer AP credit must submit official documentation of earned scores.