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PDF Guide


  • Always include crop marks to indicate the final size of the product.
  • If objects in the file bleed off the edges, always include bleed margins (1/8"-1/4") beyond the crop marks. Bleed – refers to an object that extends beyond the trim of a page.
  • Avoid ‘gif,’ ‘pict,’ and ‘jpeg’ file formats. All graphic files should be provided as ‘tiff’ or ‘eps" files.
  • Embed fonts in your file. Avoid fonts taken from the Internet or cheap bitmap fonts. PostScript or TrueType fonts work best.
  • Embed images/photographs in your file. Use only high resolution photographs. Digital photos are good, as long as they are high resolution. Images from a website will not print well, due to their low resolution (72 ppi). The optimum resolution for quality print is 300 ppi. We can scan original photos for you if needed.
  • Full color images and photos to be printed in 4-color process must be prepared in CMYK (NOT RGB). Spot colors should be identified as pantone colors.
  • Run a set of separations on your printer to double check ink colors and images. A two-color brochure, for example, should produce only two sets of printers per side.
  • Please check all proofs carefully. Electronic proofs should be checked for any missing images or missing fonts. Final proofs from our plant should be carefully checked for all images, font issues, and color issues.
  • Convert your document file to a PDF file. Please contact us if you have any questions about PDF settings or anything else. We look forward to helping you with all your printing needs.