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Student Patrol Application


1. Must be at least 18yrs of age on hire date.
2. Must have a valid driver's license.
3. Must be a full time student. (12hrs or more)
4. Cannot have any felony convictions.
5. Must be available to work until 2am a couple of days a week.

This application must be filled out completely.

This job may require the following:

1. Providing escorts for other students by means of golf cart or on foot as requested during a shift.

2. Observes the campus for suspicious or unlawful activities and makes the proper responses as required.

3. Conducts regular foot patrols of campus buildings, and grounds checking for security and safety violations. 

4. Requires constant movement from a seated position to a standing position during the assigned shift.

5. Other duties as assigned.

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Campus Address (if applicable):