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ASU Museum is located on the A-State campus in Jonesboro in the west wing of the Dean B. Ellis Library building.

Getting to the Museum

The museum is best accessed by taking Aggie Road off Red Wolf Blvd. followed by a left on University Loop, and then continuing around the south perimeter of campus until you reach the south parking lot directly south of the Museum; or, by taking University Loop directly off Johnson Avenue and following it to the south parking lot.


Upon Arrival on campus, follow the parking instructions below. In the center of the parking lot (right by the "M" on the map below), are 5 spaces dedicated to the Museum or in a space marked with a "V". If those are full, you will need to use the metered parking and insert coins. The unmarked spaces are reserved for students/staff with decals.

Parking area

To book a tour

To request a tour time, click here to fill out a form...

Classroom Reservations

All classroom reservation requests must be made in writing. Please email your request to vsponder@astate.edu. The following information must be included in all requests:

  • Purpose of reservation
  • Specific room number (Auditorium, 157 or 170)
  • Time interval for which the room is needed
  • Name of requestor
  • Organization or department name
  • Number of guests expected during the requested time interval
You will be contacted by email within 10 business days following receipt of your request.