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This suitcase includes activities and hands-on opportunities to explore the history and science of earthquakes, especially the New Madrid Seismic Zone.


Soft foam cross section earth model, slinky, posters, writable globe with markers, sedimentators with teacher's guide, and a video -" Earthquakes: Our Restless Planet"


Seismic Sleuths: Earthquakes - A Teacher's Package for grades K-6, 7-12, CD - information and activities from the Mid America Earthquake Center, and Hands on Science - Earthquakes


Have a brainstorming session with students about earthquakes (why they happen, what to do if they happen, major earthquakes that have occurred, etc.) TEACHERS: This information can be used to decide which activities and materials will be most helpful for your class.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: OV.1.4.6, OV.1.2.9)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: OV.1.5.6, OV.1.7.6)

Soft Foam Cross Section Earth Model: This demonstration model was designed to help teach the abstract concept of the different layers of Earth in a concrete manner. It is small enough to be passed around the class for student exploration of Earth's layers. Activity booklet and transparencies are included in the binder.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: ESS.8.3.6)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: ESS.8.6.1, ESS.8.6.5, ESS.8.6.6)

Writable Globe: Students learn world geography by interacting with the globe. Using a wet-erase marker, geographical features, such as oceans, countries or continents can be labeled.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: ESS.8.K.1)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: ESS.8.8.3, ESS.8.6.8)

Sedimentator: Students explore sediments, sedimentary rocks, and fossils. Lesson plans and student worksheets are included in the binder.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: ESS.8.2.1, ESS.8.3.1)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: PS.6.8.1, ESS.8.6.8, ESS.8.5.7, ESS.8.5.12)

Geology Demonstration Kit: Students at all levels can visualize the causes and forces shaping the earth's surface. Constructional landform-building actions of volcanoes, folding, and faulting can be demonstrated. Also, an erupting nonflammable volcano, the action of folding and faulting, and other phenomena can be observed.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: ESS.9.4.1)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: ESS.9.8.2, ESS.9.8.3)

People Explain Earthquakes Lesson Plans - World Map with Legend Sites included. Students write their own legend explaining why earthquakes occur.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: W.5.1.7, W.5.4.6)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: W.5.8.2, W.5.6.3, W.5.3.1)