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Enhance the study of dinosaurs or fossils with the hands-on objects in the Dinosaur suitcase. Classify fossils, share picture books, hold discussions about the extinction of the dinosaurs, or visit Websites that encourage dinosaur learning.

Materials List


Brachiopod, crinoid stems, fish vertebrae, horn coral, shark teeth, sponge, and bryozoa


Model Dinosaurs, Geologic Timeline, coloring book, What is a Dinosaur?, diorama instructions and materials, and Dinosaur: A Guidebook


Have students dictate reasons (teachers writes them on a chart) for the disappearance of dinosaurs. Next, have students write and illustrate their reasons for why the dinosaurs became extinct.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: LS.4.K.1, OV.1.4.6, W.4.4.1, W.4.2.14)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: OV.1.7.6, W.4.6.14, W.7.5.4, LS.3.8.14)

Do you think that dinosaurs could come back to earth today and survive? Write a story or draw a picture of The Dinosaur that came to (your city).

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: W.4.2.6, W.4.2.5, W.5.3.7, w.5.1.7, W.7.3.2)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: W.5.5.1, W.4.6.14)

Have the students make their own dinosaur by gluing pasta noodles to a piece of paper.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: A.2.5, A.2.6)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: A.2.6, A.2.5) 

Have the children vote for their favorite dinosaur and graph the results. Which dinosaur did most students prefer?

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: OV.1.2.7, DAP.14.2.1, DAP.15.1.1)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: OV.1.6.6, DAP.14.6.3, DAP.15.5.1) 

Use the students' names and the names of dinosaurs to create fun new dinosaurs. Some examples would be: Daveadactyl, Annieosaurus, Michaeladon, and Joeplodicus. Have the students draw their dinosaurs and write about their dinosaur's characteristics.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: W.4.1.16, W.5.1.7, W.7.3.2)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: W.5.6.1) 

Have students use dinosaur stickers to create sticker stories. Simply choose a dinosaur sticker and then write a story using that sticker.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: W.4.4.1, W.4.2.14, W.5.3.6, W.7.3.2)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: W.4.7.14, W.5.6.1) 

Ask children to write "A Day in the life of ..." (their chosen dinosaur). Include what it did, what it ate, and what it would have seen, such as other dinosaurs or interesting landscapes.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: W.4.2.6, W.4.3.8, W.4.3.13, W.7.4.2)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: W.4.5.14, W.5.6.1) 

Make a "Stegosaurus Cake" (directions included in the binder)
Make "Rice Colored" Dinosaur shapes (directions included in the binder)
Participate in the "Long Ago" activity (lesson plan included in the binder)
Other activities found in the "Dinosaur Activities packet in the binder


www.proteacher.com/110055.shtml (scroll down to "Download-a-Dinosaur)
www.enchantedlearning.com(Click on letter D)
www.photo2.si.edu/dino/dino.html (The Dinosaur Hall National Museum of Natural History)