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About the Museum

Message from the Director

The ASU Museum is a hub of life-long learning for people of all ages and walks of life, serving both the university and the general public. Focusing on the natural history and cultural heritage of Northeast Arkansas and the Mississippi River Delta region, the Museum brings tangible relevance to ASU's many disciplines and opens doors for discovery learning.

Two major initiatives guide the Museum's strategic goals, our Teaching Museum Initiative and our Underserved Audiences Initiative. Our Teaching Museum Initiative establishes the ASU Museum as a stage for closely mentored undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level classes in museum practices taught by the Museum's own staff. Launched in August 2007, this initiative is now in full swing, bringing solid training and marketable museum experience to ASU students.

The people of North East Arkansas are among this nation's most underserved audiences. Objectives of the Museum's Underserved Audiences Initiative are to provide a safe harbor of learning for rural, disadvantaged, at-risk, and other underserved audiences in NE Arkansas; advance the social health of Arkansas and its future leadership by promoting intercultural, interracial, and religious tolerance; and, open minds to a progressive future.

The Museum's Cultural Diversity events form the backbone of our commitment to more inclusive service to our region. Suitcase Exhibits serving rural schools are now fully integrated with lesson plans satisfying the new Core Curriculum. We offer custom-response tours for at-risk and special needs children. Our website is being revamped to bring wholesome education to your child's fingertips in such hip forms as YouTube and iPod downloads. Through our affiliation with the Arkansas Discovery Network, the ASU Museum hosts programs targeting children Pre-K through 8, and every April the ASU Museum hosts "Through A Child's Eyes," showcasing the artwork of this region's most gifted and artistic children.

In addition to the ASU Museum itself, the ASU Museum System embraces three Heritage Sites in the Arkansas Delta:

ASU's Museum and Heritage Sites are bulwarks of heritage and museum studies in the Arkansas Delta, pursuing the highest standards of operation in their professions. We invite you to visit us and become more acquainted with the family activities, education support, natural history, and cultural heritage of our region.

Marti L. Allen, PhD