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Summer training



Each Cadet is required to attend five weeks of Warrior Forge as a prerequisite for commissioning. The performance of Cadets during LDAC will be assessed for branching. Due to the impact Warrior Forge has on the cadet's future, it is imperative that she or he be adequately prepared before arrival. Warrior Forge is held after the summer of the MSL III year.



Conducted annually at Fort Knox, Kentucky, for the purpose of qualifying applicants for enrollment in the Advanced Course Senior ROTC Program. The objective of this camp is to develop well disciplined, highly motivated, physically conditioned students; to improve self-confidence, initiative, and leadership potential through progressive practical experience in leadership techniques and to inform students of the significance of military courtesy, discipline, and customs and traditions of the service. The training is designed to develop in cadets the physical and mental characteristics required of junior officers of the armed service. It also provides cadets the opportunity to participate in intensive periods of outdoor practical work and acquaints them with group living, the military environment, and military discipline. Instruction is presented by selected personnel, schooled in the methods of presenting formal instruction, marksmanship, and physical training. Experienced officers and personnel on duty from various colleges and universities maintain contact with the Cadets on a daily basis and provide an accurate objective evaluation of their performance. Successfully completing the course allows Cadets to enroll in the Advanced Course Senior ROTC Programs.