Welcome to Arkansas State University!


The campus master plan is being directed by the firm of JJR in association with Paulien & Associates, Inc., Crafton Tull & Associates, Inc., and The Protection Engineering Group, Inc.


Ann Arbor, Michigan 

With close to 50 years of experience and over 130 professional campus planners, landscape architects, civil engineers, urban planners, and environmental scientists, JJR is a nationally recognized, multi-disciplinary land planning design and engineering firm. Their commitment to people, quality, and sound land utilization has been recognized by over 200 design and planning awards. Campus planning is one of the primary focuses of the firm, having worked with over 200 campuses across the country preparing campus master plans, district plans and urban design plans.

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Paulien & Associates, Inc.

Denver, Colorado 

Paulien & Associates, Inc. has focused on academic and facilities related studies for higher education for over 30 years. Their practice has included over 480 college and university campuses in 41 states and the District of Columbia. They specialize in academic and enrollment planning; campus master planning; space needs analysis; classroom, laboratory, and related space utilization; space reallocation/migration planning studies, user surveys, peer institution benchmarking, and pre-architectural building programming.

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Crafton Tull & Associates

Little Rock, Arkansas 

Crafton Tull & Associates, founded in 1963, is a fully-integrated design firm providing architecture, interior design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing design, civil engineering, survey, planning, and landscape architecture with more than 240 professional in six offices throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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The Protection Engineering Group

Batlimore, Maryland 

The Protection Engineering Group, Inc. is a full-service professional engineering firm whose specialty is protection related issues. They have particular expertise in supporting the higher education community, having worked on 24 campuses across the county.

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