Welcome to Arkansas State University!

The Office of International Student Services is here to assist you in fulfilling various types of immigration requests that pertain to the student body, and visiting scholars on our campus.  

You may click the links to the right to make a request or find some of the many forms that are needed for the completion of a request.  

If you have additional questions please contact us or come see us in our office.

Document Type How Long Will It Take Us to Process?
I-20 Extension 1-2 business days
Transfer Clearance Form 3-4 business days
Transfer In Form 3-4 business days
Transfer Out Form 3-4 business days
Letter Request 1-2 business days
OPT Reporting to Get Updated I20 1-2 business days
Pre-Completion OPT Request 1-2 business days
Post-Completion OPT Request 1-2 business days
STEM Extension OPT Request 2-3 business days
CPT Request 1-2 business days
Dependent I-20 1-2 business days


Students are responsible for maintaining their own immigration status at all times.

Please remember as you review the information on this page:

  • This information is susceptible to change.
  • This information is not an exhaustive list pertaining to enrollment requirements.
  • For additional information regarding enrollment requirements, students can visit: www.ice.gov,www.uscis.gov, or speak with the international programs office. 

Students are responsible at all times for properly informing the DSO of their immigration status and academic status (as pertaining to immigration matters).