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The Office of Human Resources coordinates with any ASU department interested in hiring international faculty and/or staff.

The Immigration Specialist assists department heads with the procedures involved in securing Legal Permanent Residency and H-1B approval for international faculty and staff members in specialty occupations.

Contact Information:
Maria Muñoz 

For information regarding International Student Employment, please contact the Office of International Programs at 870-972-2329 or visit their web site.

The Treasurer's Office will work with international students, staff, or faculty to perform a tax analysis to determine the correct payroll tax deductions and if treaty benefits are available.

Contact Information:
Fran Lincoln

Foreign National Tax Compliance

For Internal Revenue Service tax purposes and proper tax withholding, ALL Foreign National Employees must register with the ASU Tax Compliance Office. Contact Fran Lincoln at 870-680-8255 for more information.

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