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Create IOS Apps with Swift

Swift Coding Overview

Students will learn the fundamentals of the Swift language throughout this program. The program begins with an introduction to coding with Swift, where no prior experience is necessary. Foundations, techniques, and tools in coding using Swift and Xcode will be used in the creation of an IOS app by the completion of the program. After completion of these classes, students will receive a Certificate in Swift Coding.

Course Structure

The nine-month program consists of three asynchronous online courses taught in an eight-week format. Students will take two courses in the fall semester and one course in the spring. Each week, students will have modules to work through. At the conclusion of the final course, students will have created a final project, such as an application.

Course Schedule

  • Fall I
    • Course I: Introduction to Coding with Swift
  • Fall II
    • Course II: Intermediate Coding with Swift
  • Spring I
    • Course III: Advanced Studio in Swift Coding

Download the flyer here.

The Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education has provided the Arkansas Public School Resource Center (APSRC) with a grant to enroll up to 250 high school students in UPSKILL at A-State’s Swift Coding program for the 2020 fall semester at no cost to the student or the school.

Public schools interested in enrolling students for this one-of-a-kind program are asked to contact the APSRC office to complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Once the MOU is completed, a representative from the school - either a school counselor or other designee - will need to help the student complete A-State’s application for admission.

All students must have a minimum ACT composite score of 19, an ACT reading score of 19, and a 2.75 high school grade point average for admission to the CEP. An ASPIRE reading score of 428 (9th and 10th grade scores) may be used as an equivalent for admission. This course is also open to all high school students who meet the previously stated requirements.

To request an MOU, call APSRC at (501) 492-4300 or email jketcham@apsrc.net.