Welcome to Arkansas State University!

What Courses Will I Be Taking?

The courses included in this UpSkill Swift Coding program are: Introduction to Coding with Swift, Intermediate to Coding with Swift, and Advanced Studio in Swift Coding. Each course is a prerequisite to the next until you finish all courses are complete.

What Does It Take To Enroll?

All students must have a minimum ACT composite score of 19, an ACT reading score of 19, and a minimum GPA 2.75 high school GPA for admission to the CEP. An ASPIRE reading score of 428 (9th or 10th grade scores) may be used as an equivalent for admission. This course is also open to all high school students who meet the previously stated requirements.

Computer & Software Requirements

Students will be required to have an Apple desktop, laptop, or iPad. Students will also be required to have the Xcode app (the first app on the page after you search it) that you can get through Apple’s app store free of charge. Students will also need books from the Apple book store (digital textbook). They are free.

  • Intro to App Development with Swift
  • App Development with Swift

How Do I Apply?

Open-enrollment schools interested in participating in this grant program must call the Arkansas Public School Resource Center at (501)492-4300 to complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) no later than Aug.14, 2020. Once the MOU is complete, students must complete an application for admission.

First-time applicants for admission, please click here to apply.*

For returning applicants, login to mycampus.AState.edu and click Self Service Banner.*

Student → Registration → Add or Drop Classes → Select Term

*Note: Please select the UNDERGRAD HS CONCURRENT application type. For any assistance or questions about applying, contact Barbara Doyle at (870)680-8365 or bdoyle@AState.edu.

If you need further assistance applying, click here for a step-by-step guide or here for a step-by-step video.