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Transfer Scholarship Guidelines
Recipients Prior to Fall 2016

The following criteria will be used by the Scholarship Committee in selecting recipients: 

What the Scholarship Covers:

  • ASU System Student: (transferring in from ASU Beebe, ASU Mountain Home, ASU Newport, or ASU Mid-South) $5,000 annually ($2500 per fall/spring semester) toward tuition and fees and $3000 annually ($1500 per semester) toward ASUJ housing.
  • Non System Student: $4000 annually ($2000 per semester) toward tuition and fees and $3000 annually ($1500 per semester) toward ASUJ housing.
  • NOTE: Students receiving a room as part of their scholarship package must apply separately for housing through the Office of Residence Life and pay the applicable housing deposit.
  • Award is only for the ASU Jonesboro campus or at one of the ASUJ System Degree campuses (Beebe, Mountain Home, Newport, or Mid-South Degree Centers).
  • Awards are contingent upon the availability of funds and the housing portion of the scholarship is also contingent upon the availability of on-campus housing.
  • Award holders who are dependents of faculty or staff will be paid 25% of the scholarship value per semester for ASUJ credit hours in addition to the faculty/staff discount.
  • This scholarship is awarded for the duration of four consecutive semesters or through completion of the undergraduate degree, whichever comes first; provided the student maintains all scholarship requirements.
  • This scholarship is not available for any of the online degree programs.

How to Qualify:

  • The scholarship is awarded to U.S. citizens who are Arkansas residents transferring directly from Arkansas two-year institutions.
  • Students must be transferring and enrolling for the first time to an ASU system campus.
  • All students must have earned an Associate of Arts Degree or an Associate of Science Degree (Associates of Applied Science Degrees do not qualify) from an Arkansas two-year institution and have a minimum overall 3.250 GPA from the AR two-year institution.
  • Students must submit an on-line scholarships application and upload their final transcript from the two-year college by the following deadlines:
    • Fall Semester - August 15th
    • Spring Semester - January 15th

Students Responsibilities for Accepting and Maintaining the Transfer Scholarship:

To accept the 2015-16 scholarship offer:

  1. Login at http://mycampus.astate.edu
  2. Select SSB (Self Service) button
  3. Select the Financial Aid Link and choose Award Year 2015-2016
  4. Follow the links in the Scholarships Section to complete the following:
    1. Accept/Decline your ASU Scholarship Offer
    2. Accept the Terms and Conditions of your ASU Scholarship Offer (If accepting scholarship)

Additional Requirements & Renewal:

  • Students who are selected to receive the ASU Transfer Scholarship will have 30 days to accept the scholarship offer. After that time, the scholarship offer will no longer be valid. Should you accept the scholarship and later decide to attend another university, please notify the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office in writing or by email.
  • Enrollment of a minimum 15 ASUJ credit hours towards a Bachelor's Degree at the Jonesboro campus or 15 ASUJ credit hours at one of the ASU System Degree Center campuses (Beebe, Mountain Home, Newport, or Mid-South Degree Centers) is required during each consecutive fall and spring semester. Concurrent enrollment on another campus cannot be used to meet full-time enrollment status nor be paid for by the scholarship. Enrollment is locked as of the 11th class day.
  • Correspondence work cannot be used to meet the 15 hour requirement.
  • All students must enroll in ASU-Jonesboro courses the semester of the award.
  • All online degree programs are ineligible for Institutional Scholarships.
  • Silver Scholars are ineligible for this award.
  • All college-level course work is calculated into the overall GPA for scholarship renewal.
  • Students are required to maintain an overall 3.250 GPA and successfully complete 30 ASUJ credit hours (Fall & Spring combined) each academic year at the Jonesboro campus or at one of the ASU system Degree Center campuses (Beebe, Mountain Home, Newport, or Mid-South). Note: accepted transfer credits will be calculated into overall GPA.
  • Any student who receives all W's, F's, WN's, I's, and/or FN's at the end of any Fall term will lose their scholarship for all subsequent semesters.
  • Students who have grade changes are responsible for contacting the Scholarship Coordinator so that their scholarship status can be re-evaluated.
  • For military exceptions, contact the Scholarships Coordinator at (870) 972-2310.

Phi Theta Kappa

ASU offers a $250 per semester Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship to Transfer Scholarship recipients who are transferring in as Phi Theta Kappa members from the two year institution. They simply need to provide proof of their membership (copy of certificate or award letter) and they can receive this additional $250 per semester as long as they remain a recipient of the Transfer Scholarship.