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High-Need Areas

Eligible high-need programs

Students pursuing a degree or a second degree in the College of Health Science or the College of Education may be allowed additional time to complete a degree if they are in one of the following areas that are classified as high-need:

  • Nursing-All areas, emphasis on Bachelor’s Degree
  • Clinical Lab Science
  • Communication Disorders
  • Special Education
  • Education-Math
  • Education-Science
  • Education-Foreign Language
  • Bilingual Education

Additional Information

Program Length

Students who have exceeded the 150% hour limit must adhere to the following guidelines to receive Federal Financial Aid under this provision:

  • Must be admitted to the program.
  • Must submit a Degree Completion Plan completed and signed by the student and the Academic Advisor.
  • Must ensure that degree classification is up-to-date with the Office of the Registrar.
  • Must continue progress towards degree completion per the degree plan on file.

Other Requirements

Federal Financial Aid will be immediately suspended based on the following:

  • Non-admittance into the academic program.
  • Any deviation from the approved degree plan.
  • Any grade less than 75% in their program classes.

Any student that does not complete their program within the timeframe designated by their degree plan will not be eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid.