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Motor Pool

Motor Pool Services maintains all state issued vehicles at ASU and all state issued equipment within the Facilities Management Department. It is their responsibility to see that all vehicles and equipment are functioning properly to ensure the safety of all drivers/operators. The Fleet Rental Division of Motor Pool provides rental vehicles to the ASU-Jonesboro campus. 

Motor Pool operates on a Preventive Maintenance (PM) system and special service requests via the Work Order Center.

Enterprise Rental Rates

Economy/Compact $30.09 $150.43 $601.74
Intermediate $31.71 $158.53 $634.12
Standard Size $31.71 $158.53 $634.12
Premium $55.66 $278.30 $1,113.20
Mini-van $49.59 $247.94 $991.76
Mid-size SUV $50.60 $253.00 $1,012.00
Full-size SUV $79.95 $399.74 $1,598.96
14 Passenger Van $95.13 $475.64 $1,902.56

Mileage Charges: Economy through Intermediate vehicle classes include unlimited free miles per day and per week, and unlimited free miles per month, as applicable.

Taxes: Add 8.5% sales tax and 13.5% vehicle rental tax to rates above for total cost. Trip Optimizer includes taxes automatically.


Monday - Friday 
7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

University Vehicle Rates

14 Passenger Mini-Bus
$150 per day or $.55 per mile

24 or 31 Passenger Cruiser
$200 per day or $.90 per mile
(Requires CDL) 

Daily rates cover only the use of the vehicle. The user will be responsible for the cost of fuel.