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We are excited that you have chosen Arkansas State University to assist in meeting your work force needs. The staff at Career Services are dedicated to your success in meeting your recruiting needs. 

Provided Employer Services

Post Your Jobs - Free

List full-time/part-time and internship positions with Career Services. Positions are posted and viewed by students, alumni, faculty and staff. Send a full job description to: careers@astate.edu

The following information is required for job postings at Arkansas State University:

Job Title
• Organization Name
• Number of openings
• Contact person’s name, email, address, and telephone number
• Employment start date
• Job description
• Qualifications
• Application Instructions
• Position type (e.g. Full-time entry level, Internship)
• Major
• Expiration date
• Required application materials requested (resume, cover letter, transcript, references)
• Specific candidate criteria (e.g. GPA, class year) is optional
• Application deadline
• Delivery method for application materials

We recommend that you read the Department of Justice Best Practices for Online Job Postings  or NACE Common Legal Questions: College Career Services and University Recruiting to ensure that your company is in compliance with the law with regard to work authorization when recruiting at Arkansas State University.

Fall and Spring Career Fairs

All Majors Career Fair and Education, Nursing & Health Professions Career Fairs are held each October and March and provides opportunity for you to connect with students, faculty and staff from a variety of academic backgrounds.

Fall Part-time Job Fair

Designed for area employers and held each early fall, the part-time fair provides the opportunity to recruit students for part-time employment opportunities.

Graduate School Expositions

Each Fall Career Services hosts a Graduate School Fair for graduate programs across the state and nation to share information with our students regarding graduate school options.

On-campus Visibility and Interviews

Your organization will benefit from campus-wide announcements and the opportunity to meet students first-hand. Develop an assertive proactive recruitment strategy.

Search Student and Alumni Resume Database

Search the Career Connect database to find full-time, part-time and/or internship and alumni candidates who meet your hiring criteria.

Internship Coordinators

Locate interns from ASU’s degree programs. Internships help you connect early with highly motivated students and improve your recruitment, selection and hiring process. List of University Internship Coordinators
The following ASU events are designed to introduce employers to potential employees:

Employer Visibility

Branding Strategies to Increase Visibility On-Campus

  • Complete a profile and register with Career Connect where students, faculty, staff and alumni will view your company information and employment postings.
  • Register with the “Community Connect” Program to engage with the University and its students on a one-on-one or more personal basis.
  • Advertise with the university student newspaper, “The Herald.”
  • Present to student organizations.
  • Present a management or operational concept from a professional’s perspective to a classroom.
  • Partner with a professor’s class to conduct research and analysis; communication, branding, marketing; technological concerns and issues and new product development.
  • Host a company tour for an academic class, faculty or student organization.
  • Contribute scholarships, equipment, professor endowments and more.