Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Using Your ASTATE OneCard

OneCard back

Your OneCard has two magstripes on the back of it and a contactless chip embedded within the card. It is important that you do not punch a hole into your card or misuse your card in a way that will damage the magstripes or the chip.


Sign up to receive financial aid disbursements on your prepaid Money Network® Discover® Account.

 For instructions on how to activate your Money Network® Discover® Account >>>>

For information of options to receive your financial aid refunds>>>>>


  • Free Access to the Red Wolf Center, athletic events, library and more for registered students
  • Express Dollars - use your Express Dollars account on and off campus
  • Book Money - access financial aid for bookstore purchases
  • Meal Plans - use with prepaid meal plan
  • Door access - use in resident halls, labs, and designated staff


Your OneCard includes a contactless chip embedded within the card. Use your OneCard to “tap and go” at select on campus locations such as Coke Vending Readers, Sodexo Areas & select security readers.