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Privately Funded Scholarships Listing

College of Agriculture


Agriculture Major

Agriculture General Scholarships
Alpha Tau Alpha Scholarship
Arkansas Plant Food Education Society Scholarship
Arkansas Seed Dealers Association Scholarship
Arkansas State Federation of Farm Credit Stockholders Scholarship
Arkansas State Plant Board Scholarship
Bill Edmondson Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Olen P. Nail Scholarship Endowment
G. Robert Blanchard Agricultural Scholarship
George A. Berger Memorial Scholarship
Joseph H. Daniel Memorial Scholarship
Golightly Foundation Scholarships
Golightly Upper Level Agricultural Scholarships
James E. Gambill Memorial Scholarship
Joe McAlister Cache River Valley Seed Scholarship
Katherine E. Franzen Scholarship
Kelsey Hall/Brown Lacy Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Holmes Memorial Scholarship
Samuel S. Lipscomb Memorial Scholarship
John H. and Irene N. Neeley General Agriculture Scholarship
Poinsett County Farm Bureau Scholarship
Jim Sloan Memorial Scholarship
Michael Lynn Smith Memorial Scholarship
Ruel Nester Scholarship sponsored by Arkansas Crop Protections Service
Sammie V. Wood Continuing Education Scholarship
Greenway Agricultural Systems Technology Scholarship
Greenway Crop Consulting and Agronomic Services Major Scholarship
Virginia Doris Craig Scholarship

Horticulture Major

ASU Museum Garden Club Scholarship
Arkansas Flower and Garden Show Scholarship
Dr. Al Langois Memorial Scholarship

Plant Science Major

John H. and Irene N. Neeley Plant Science Scholarship

College of Business

(870) 972-3035

Business Major

Stella Horton Alsey and Howard Milton Alsey Endowment
David and Jo Ann Aubel Scholarship
Robert and Gloria Ferralasco Business Scholarship
Wallace Fowler Scholarship (finance or marketing preference)
Phil & Mary Ester Herget Scholarship
Joe B. Hillard Scholarship
The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors/ Northeast Arkansas Chapter
Maurice Rubenstein Memorial Scholarship
L.T. Colonel Barney Smith Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Fred Stull Fellowship for Graduate Study in Business
Mary Lou Wood Business Scholarship Endowment
Burrow Halsey Real Estate Development Scholarship
Charles Hobson Memorial Scholarship
Gearhead Outfitters Business Scholarship
Harold Keith Adams Memorial Scholarship
Lonnie E. Talbert Scholarship in Business
The Gene and Irene Martz College of Business Scholarship
Nancy C. Everitt Scholarship 
Regions Bank of Northeast Arkansas Scholarship
Ritter Communications Scholarship
Staffmark Scholarship
Textbook Brokers Scholarship
Hunt Mellow Textbook Scholarship
Dr. Laddie Logan Memorial College of Business Scholarship
James and Doris Moon First Generation Scholarship
Robert C. and Toni Y. Davidson Scholarship
Ed Way Scholarship

Department of Accounting, Finance, & Law

Accounting, Finance & Law Department Scholarship
Northeast Arkansas Society of Certified Public Accountants 
Cindy French Memorial Scholarship
James G. Osborn Accounting Scholarship
James L. and Sharon Lott Sanders Accounting Scholarship
Keith Crass Memorial Scholarship in Accounting

Accounting Major

Orthany Paden Dekker Memorial Scholarship
Jones & Company, Ltd. Scholarship
Louis E. Joseph and Elise Marie Schaaf Scholarship
Simmons Family Scholarship
Dr. Shirl D. Strauser Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Joesph Wellborn Accounting Scholarship

Banking or Finance Major

Citizens Bank Seniors Club Scholarship
Mike Medlock Scholarship Endowment
Donald W. Stone Memorial Scholarship 
State Farm Insurance Scholarship

Department of Marketing & Management

(870) 972-3430

The Daniel Hoyt Human Resource Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Laddie Logan Memorial Marketing and Management Scholarship
Aaron and Sandie Aaron Lubin Homan Resource Management Scholarship
John Tipton Scholarship
100 Years of Marketing Excellence
Center for Supply Chain Management Scholarship
Debbie Pilgrim Marketing Excellence Scholarship


College of Communications

Department of Journalism & Printing

(870) 972-3075

Journalism Major

Jay Palmer Beard and Veda Pruett Beard Scholarship Endowment in Broadcast Journalism
Whitehead-Kimball Community Journalism Scholarship
L.W. "Tex" Plunkett Scholarship

News-Editorial, Advertising, or Photojournalism Emphasis

Arkansas Press Association Scholarships
Commercial Appeal Scholarship for Westside High School Graduates
Chad Lewis Memorial Photojournalism Scholarship
Troutt Brothers Memorial Scholarship

Journalism or Radio-T.V. Major

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship
Adrian Headley Memorial Textbook Scholarship

Graphic Communications Major

Lloyd Keith Meharg Scholarship
Robert W. Kern Printing Scholarship
Bobby Ruff Printing Scholarship

Department of Radio-Television

(870) 972-3070

(Arkansas Farm Bureau) Marvin Vines Broadcasting Scholarship
Charles Rasberry Scholarship in Radio-T.V.
J. D. Rogers Memorial Scholarship

Department of Speech Communication

(870) 972-3091

Arthur Ray "Kip" Moore Memorial Scholarship
Speech Communication Scholarship

College of Education

(870) 972-3057

Education Major

Lillian Barton Memorial Scholarship
Sibylla and Kenneth Peters Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship

Elementary or Secondary Education Major

Lloyd L. and June S. Goff Memorial Scholarship
Eunitha Steele Hout Commitment to Education Award
Mary L. Swan Memorial Scholarship
Mary Sue Moore Memorial Scholarships

Department of Counselor Education and Psychology

(870) 972-3064

Alice Horn Bryant Psychology Scholarship

Graduate Studies-Counselor Education or Rehabilitation Counseling

Dr. James F. Golden Memorial Scholarship

Department of Education Administration and Secondary Education

(870) 972-3062

Graduate Studies-Educational Administration

Dr. Carl R. Reng Memorial Scholarship
Don and Myra Wright Educational Leadership Scholarship
Shannon Wright and Lynette Thetford Scholarship

Graduate Studies-Secondary Principalship

Dr. Randy Carol Ham Memorial Scholarship

Department of Elementary Education Major

(870) 972-3059

Arthur Monroe Shride Memorial Scholarship

Early Childhood Services

"Mother" Ruth Allison Steinsiek Excellence in Education Award
Mildred B. Vance Scholarship for Early Childhood & Middle Level Education

Department of Health, Physical Education, and Sport Sciences

(870) 972-3066

Dr. Jake Darby Scholarship
Gladys McPike Hudgins Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Adams II Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Sports Administration
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Adams II Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Health Promotion
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Adams II Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Exercise Science
Dr. Hank Jordan Scholarship

Center for Excellence In Education

Dr. E.W. Smith Research

College of Engineering

(870) 972-2088

Civil Engineering Scholarship
Claudia Dunn Mits Endowment
Danny Scott Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Albert L. Mink CDE Scholarship
Engineering Scholarship
Electrical Engineering Scholarship
Mechanical Engineering Scholarship
Olympus Construction, Inc. Scholarship
Society of Manufacturing Engineers Scholarship
Tokusen U.S.A., Inc. Scholarship
Dunn Mitts Family Scholarship
Jim and Carole Stevens Scholarship
Tom Loberg Memorial Scholarship
The Gene and Irene Martz College of Engineering Scholarship

College of Fine Arts

Department of Art 

(870) 972-3050

Myra Tillman Memorial Art Scholarship

Department of Music

(870) 972-2094

Bill Bell Jazz Scholarship
Alfred R. Skoog Choral Alumni Scholarship
John H. and Irene N. Neeley Music Scholarship
David Niederbrach Sinfonia Scholarship
Aileene Matthews String Music Bill Bell Jazz Scholarship
L. H. Sternheimer Family Scholarship In Music
Ann and Albert Swaty Strings Scholarship
Donald R. and Virginia Minx Memorial Scholarship
Mary Anna Chop Music Scholarship
The Da Capo Music Scholarship   

Keyboard Music Major

W.J. Beard Memorial Music Scholarship
Janna Lambert Memorial Keyboard Scholarship
Lily Peter Keyboard Scholarship   

Marching Band 

Ann Slaughter Smith Scholarship

Department of Theater

(870) 972-3091

Brackett-Krennerich Associate Scholarship Endowment for Theatre
Lorena J. "Rockie" Smith Endowment for Theatre Arts

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

(870) 972-3973

Any Major Within the College

Angelo Arts & Sciences Scholarship
Edgar and Vera Kirk Scholarship Endowment

Department of Criminology, Sociology, Social Work, & Geography

(870) 972-3705

Sociology Major

Dr. John C. Osoinach Memorial Sociology Scholarship

Department of English and Philosophy

(870) 972-3043

English B. A. Book Award
Key Memorial English Scholarship
Dr. John C. Osoinach Memorial Poetry Scholarship
Philosophy Scholarship

Department of History

(870) 972-3046

John A. Galloway Graduate Award
Fairy Conlee Gillespie Memorial History Scholarship
Janna Lambert Memorial History Scholarship
C. Calvin Smith Scholarship

History or Social Science Major

Cooper-Huitt Memorial Scholarship

Department of Political Science

(870) 972-3048

Moot Court Scholarship

Pre-Law Major

Edward L. and Gilberta W. Westbrook Memorial Scholarship

College of Nursing & Health Professions

(870) 972-3112

Any Major Within the College

NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital Scholarship Endowment
Elizabeth, Thomas Health Sciences Scholarship
Jon A. Linder/Douglas Jon Seitz Scholarship
Marie Beacon Landon Scholarship 

Communication Disorders Major

(870) 972-3106

George Herndon Graduate Scholarship in Communication Disorders
L.H. Sternheimer Family Scholarship in Communication Disorders in Memory of Lillian B Sternheimer
Jane LeBlanc Graduate Scholarship

Physical Therapy Major

(870) 972-3591

Isokinetics Inc. Physical Therapy Scholarship
Bob & Frances Puryear Physical Therapy Scholarship

Radiologic Technology Major

(870) 972-3073

Kirs Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Department of Nursing

(870) 972-3074

Clopton Clinic Nursing Scholarship
Sister Patricia Lee Findley Memorial Scholarship
Ray H. Hall & Kathleen Scott Hall Nursing Scholarship
Leet Family Scholarship
Bill Penix Jr. Memorial Scholarship
William & Harriet Mildred Smith Memorial Scholarship
Carla Brooks Spears Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Susan Tolliver Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Linnie Wisdom - Maude Wilson Honors Scholarship
Lillian G. & Homer G. Proctor Nursing Scholarship
Bartels Family Nursing Scholarship
Emily Sloan Abernathy Kluge Scholarship
Sigma Theta Tau International, Eta Theta Chapter Scholarship
Dr. Angie & Fred Schmidt Nursing Scholarship

Social Work

Freer Social Work Scholarship for Social Justice
Martha Ivener Memorial Scholarship
Ryan Family Scholarship for Addiction Studies


College of Science & Mathematics

(870) 972-3079

Any Major Within the College

Guido Hassin Scholarship for Science Majors

Pre-Medical Major

Hale Arnold Memorial Scholarships
Southland Racing Corporation/Harry H. & Anna Mae Latourette Scholarship
Dr. John C. Faris Memorial Pre-Medical Scholarship

Department of Biological Sciences

(870) 972-3082

 Any Major Within this Department Other than Pre-Professional

Biological Sciences Scholarship
Major General Elder Granger Scholarship

Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, & Physics

(870) 972-3086

Dr. Glenn D. Cooper Memorial Scholarship
Orien and Eda Farner Horn Memorial Trustees' Chemistry Scholarship
Dr. Earnest Lee Saunders Memorial Scholarship

 Physics Major

Michael Johnnedes Memorial Scholarship

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

(870) 972-3090

Mathematics Major

Mary Rogers Brown Memorial Scholarship
R. A. Nelson Scholarship
Howard Christie Pierce Scholarship Endowment in Mathematics 

General Academic Private Scholarships

Lou and Frank Angelo Scholarship
Cucial Julian Roberts Scholarship Endowment
Endowment Arbyrd High School Class of 1948 Scholarship
W. V. (Vete) Armstrong Memorial Scholarship
ASU Administration Services Association Scholarship
ASU Disability Services Scholarship
ASU Upward Bound Scholarship Endowment
License to HOWL Scholarships
Harry and Mary Belk Scholarship
Marion and Carolyn Berry Public Service Scholarship
Best Diversified Products, Inc. Scholarship
Boyd L. Booth Scholarship
Addison M. Bradford Jr. Memorial Scholarship
R. W. and Anna Margaret Butler Scholarship
Linual Cameron Memorial Scholarship
City Water and Light Employee Dependent Scholarship
John T. Clements III Memorial Scholarship
Herbert G. and Mary A. Cole Scholarship
Craighead County Extension Homemakers Council Scholarship
Mark Crow Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students
Delaplaine Scholarship
Hazel Deutsch Honors Scholarship
Eta. Gamma Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Memorial Alumni Scholarship
Rick Duschl KA Memorial Scholarship Endowment
EXCEL Scholarship
Phillip Forrester Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Maxine and Jesse B. Gregg Scholarship
Robin H. Hagaman Scholarship
Darryl & Donald G. Hiers Memorial Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
Hoeper Family Honors Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Holmes Memorial Scholarship
Hoops for Scholars Scholarship
Virgene Horn Memorial Scholarship
Huckaby Family Scholarship
Dr. Ruby N. Isom Scholarship
Marlin D. Jackson Scholarship
Jeld Wen Scholarship
Lunbeck Leadership Endowment
Roy H. Jolly Rotary Scholarship
Mary Elizabeth Greenwood Jones Memorial Scholarship
Jonesboro University Heights Lions Club Scholarship
Jonesboro University Rotary Club - Jim Lyons Memorial Scholarship
Juanita Provance King Memorial Scholarship
Dr. John E. Knight Baseball Scholarship Lunbeck Leadership Endowment
C. K. and Linda McFarland Academic Freedom Scholarship
Meeker-Grear Memorial Scholarship
Dean Robert Moore Leader Scholarship
Dr. Warren W. & Lu L. Nedrow Scholarship
Facilities Management Employee-Dependent Scholarship
Pulaski County Academic Scholarship
Edward M. Regenold Scholarship Endowment
Ruby I. Reng Scholarship
Riceland Scholars
Mary Williams and Josephine Wright Richmond Scholarship
Mossie Richmond-Afak Haydar International Scholarship
Florence Rubenstein Memorial Scholarship
SGA Scholarship for Excellence in Academics & Activities
Eugene B. and Cora C. Smith Memorial Scholarship
Udell Smith NARFE Scholarship
Dean Peggy Stroud Panhellenic Scholarship
William R. Stuck Scholarship
Debbye Turner Scholarship of the ASU Alumni Scholarship
Anne R. Vogus Scholarship
Warr Family Scholarship Endowment
Melvin Weatherspoon Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Mable Symons Woodside Memorial Scholarship
Ziegenhorn Scholarship