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The mission of the Graduate Program in Environmental Sciences (EVS) is to bring a diverse research, teaching, and out-reach capacity to bear on environmental problems from local to global scales. The biological, physical, and social scientists in the program represent a broad range of disciplinary expertise, while working within the unifying framework of the analysis of environmental problems, and developing management strategies to address them. The study of the environment demands understanding of social, physical, and biological systems, and the transfer of basic research findings through implementation, teaching, and out-reach. EVS facilitates the cross-disciplinary collaboration necessary to address vital, contemporary questions.

Faculty expertise includes conservation biology, molecular biology, population ecology, environmental chemistry, biogeochemistry, ecotoxicology, soil science, GIS, hydrology, environmental economics, and political science.

EVS provides students the opportunity to build an individualized program drawing on the breadth of associated faculty. Our challenge is to provide a well-rounded graduate education that creates scientists with the ability to successfully address dynamic problems, simultaneously allowing for in-depth, specialized research at the forefront of a selected field of endeavor.