Welcome to Arkansas State University!

This growing department is characterized by addressing biological issues ranging from local to global and from molecular to organismal. A great deal of our research is approached from an interdisciplinary perspective and many of our faculty members have collaborative projects. In the last couple of years our department has increased both the number of publications and grant money generated almost exponentially.

We also have exciting projects happening at the Harp Biological Field Station and collaborative efforts with the Arkansas Biosciences Institute, and many others. 

Why choose A-State Biology?

Our diverse experiences and expertise contribute to a high quality educational environment that:

  • offers a curriculum in biological sciences emphasizing acquisition of knowledge through integration of theory with practical laboratory and field studies;
  • provides opportunities to develop critical scientific reasoning, communication skills and the appropriate use of technology;
  • extends our skills and facilities in service to the public as well as to the scientific community.

In summary, the study of biology provides an understanding of life and plays a vital role in the education of the general public who are the stewards of our natural resources.