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Arkansas Biosciences Institute

ABI will become internationally recognized as a leader in health and life sciences research. Its multifaceted programs will strengthen Arkansas through science-based economic development including research, education, and technology.

A Leader in Health Sciences Research

By working on joint and related research initiatives, the five member organizations created a large community of scientists and researchers who can better compete for external grant awards from federal sources and national foundations, increase the number of scientists and staff supported by extramural funding, share resources (equipment and expertise), attract other scientists to Arkansas, and encourage science-based economic development in the state.

2022-23 ABI Undergraduate Research Scholar Program

The ABI Undergraduate Research Scholar Program (URS) Program is dedicated to enhance the academic experience of students by providing first and second year undergraduates with opportunities to participate in hands-on research and creative work with faculty and staff. Discovery and creativity are the cornerstones of our greatness as a university - in the sciences, engineering, the arts or the social sciences (not limited to the sciences). The experience of working with a faculty or staff member who is pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge or creative expression will transform what students learn in the classroom into reality and relevance as well as spark the student’s curiosity, propelling innovation.

Deadline to complete the online application is Monday, October 31, 2022.

Documents related to the program:

Seeking Student Scholars Online Application

URS Introduction and Guidelines

Mentor and Scholar Responsibilities

Benefits to the Students/Scholar:
• Cutting edge research with hands-on experience where new discoveries are made
• Be in a community of students, faculty, and staff who learn, create, and serve together
• Learn more about a specialized field in which you have an interest
• Discover that text-book facts have real-life applications
• Develop one-on-one interactions with faculty, staff, and other research scholars
• Opportunity to gain experience presenting research data to the public through scientific discussions/conferences ($250 travel to attend pre-approved event)
• Develop new skills and discover others that you didn't know you possessed
• Opportunity to obtain good, meaningful recommendation letter
• Receive stipend during this program ($11.00/hr., 10-15 hrs. per week)

How to Apply to be a Student Scholar:
Complete the online application which includes:
1.) Statement of Interest (why you are interested in research & this program, any research experience, and career goals)
2.) An unofficial transcript
3.) Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume
4.) Two letters of reference from A-State faculty (other than selected mentor) and/or high school teachers
5.) Complete the online application EARLY in order to schedule an interview with your potential mentor

Student/Scholar Eligibility Requirements:
• Currently enrolled as a full-time student at A-State
• Completed no more than 59 credit hours of undergraduate course work
• Have and maintain at least a 3.00 cumulative GPA
• Participation in this program is limited to one year
• May not hold other employment at A-State while in this program (tutoring exemption)
• Make a commitment to fully participate throughout both fall and spring semesters of the program.
• Present what you learned and what research was gained by your project. This will be held prior to the end of the spring term and open to the A-State community.

A list of faculty/mentors, that have been approved by ABI, will be provided to the students to select their top 3 mentor preferences. Mentors will review the student’s online application, interview the student, and decide (as long as qualifications are met) who the mentee will be. The mentor will only be able to select 1 mentee.

Mission Statement

The mission of the ABI is to improve the health of Arkansans through new and expanded agricultural and medical research initiatives.

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