Welcome to Arkansas State University!


We have a lot planned for you this year! There will be month-long topics with content being released every single week. All months will follow the same format: Week 1 - short YouTube videos over subtopics, Week 2 - interactive face-to-face workshops, Week 3 - podcast, blog, and expert interview releases, and Week 4 - Kahoot!

October - Budgeting

10/5-10/8: Daily 3-5 Minute Subtopic Videos

10/11-10/13: Interactive Workshops

     10/11: 12pm-1pm in International Programs, Room N230
     10/12: 6pm-7pm in University Hall Lobby
     10/13: 3pm-4pm in Kays Hall Lobby

10/18: Podcast Release

10/20: Blog Release

10/22: Interview Release

10/26: Budgeting Kahoot!

     10/26: 6pm-7pm in Auditorium, Student Union

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