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Fall 2021 Panhellenic Sorority Primary Recruitment Week

August 15-21, 2021

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We are glad you are interested in participating in Fall 2021 Panhellenic Primary Recruitment! Recruitment offers you an opportunity to meet chapter members and other young women participating in the Primary Recruitment process, while learning what each sorority has to offer.

Throughout the process, Recruitment Counselors, (Gamma Chis), will answer all questions that may arise while participating in recruitment. Gamma Chis are upperclassmen sorority women who have pledged to ethically counsel and coach you through the recruitment experience. They are trained in recruitment logistics, counseling and coaching skills, and they will serve as your trustworthy mentor throughout this entire process.

Participating in Recruitment does not require you to join a sorority. It does, however, enable you to explore and learn more about the A-State campus and our Greek community. This is a great way to meet new people and find information about various ways to get involved on the A-State campus. This process is intended to be a positive, fun, and enriching experience for everyone who participates.

Recruitment Schedule Update (updated on 8.10.21)

The A-State Panhellenic Council and A-State Fraternity & Sorority Life have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 developments and the potential impact on our fall recruitment experience. In collaboration with A-State Fraternity & Sorority Life, chapter leadership, advisors, campus partners, and NPC representatives, A-State Panhellenic has developed three schedule scenarios for the Fall 2021 A-State Panhellenic Primary Recruitment Process. The scenarios include:

  • Scenario 1 (Normal Operations):All In-Person Rounds 
  • Scenario 2 (Elevated Risk): Hybrid Model with both In-Person & Virtual Rounds
  • Scenario 2 (High Risk):Virtual Informational Round, Virtual Impact Round & In-Person Preference Round

To prioritize the health and safety of PNMs, active members, advisors, volunteers, and A-State staff, we have decided to move to our Scenario 2 (Elevated Risk) Hybrid Recruitment Format. This means that PNM Orientation and Round 1: Informational will now be conducted in a virtual format utilizing Zoom. 

We are excited to be able to continue to host a fair and safe process that will afford our A-State women the opportunity to find a home within our A-State Panhellenic community. Knowing you will likely have additional questions, we are planning the following: 

  • Early Gamma Chi Groupings: typically, PNMs receive their Recruitment Week Gamma Chi small group assignments a few days prior to Recruitment's start date. This year, however, during the month of July, we plan to slowly begin assigning PNMs to their Recruitment Week Gamma Chi small groups. This will provide our PNMs with a Gamma Chi much earlier than normal. The Gamma Chi will serve as a main point of contact for PNMs and will assist PNMs with navigating the recruitment process during this time.  
  • A-State Sorority Preview Day:  we plan to use this year's Sorority Preview Day as an opportunity to provide significantly more information and details on the above recruitment scenarios. We will also provide PNMs with information on how to best prepare for Recruitment. Please visit our A-State Sorority Preview Day webpage for more information. At this point, we do plan to host Sorority Preview Day in-person.

Information for Bid Day

At this point, we do plan to host a safe and in-person Bid Day that is open to parents, families, and guests; however, we will continue monitoring the situation leading up to Primary Recruitment Week and will continue monitoring throughout the Primary Recruitment Week. If plans must change, we will provide information as quickly as possible. We will, however, still provide parents, families, and guests with a live streaming option to ensure there is an opportunity to virtually participate during this exciting time. Additionally, we will be offering a Virtual Bid Day opportunity for any Potential New Members who need to utilize this option. 

* NEW! Optional PNM Video Submission Opportunity * 

This year, we are providing a new and optional opportunity for potential new members to share additional and more personal information about themselves with our Panhellenic chapters. PNMs now have the option to include on their recruitment registration, a very brief, personal introductory video. It is important to note that choosing to provide such a video will NOT provide a PNM with any advantage over someone who chooses to forgo this video opportunity. Likewise, choosing to forgo this opportunity will in no way jeopardize a PNM's membership opportunities with any of our five A-State Panhellenic chapters. Our A-State sororities are full of women who are extroverts, introverts, and everything else in between, and that is what makes our sororities such wonderful homes for A-State undergraduate women. Therefore, we encourage PNMs to make a decision that feels most comfortable to them and know that our A-State Panhellenic Sorority Community supports you in whatever you decide! Again, we assure you that including a video to your recruitment registration will in no way prove to "give you a leg up" on recruitment. Rather, the video will simply serve to provide the chapters with an additional opportunity to learn more about who you are. It is an opportunity for you to feel empowered to share who you are and why you are proud of who you are. Remember, the recruitment registration form already provides opportunities for you to share your involvements, accomplishments, an attached resume, and any additional information you wish to provide. If you feel more comfortable utilizing those options over a video, please proceed as planned.

Please follow the below guidelines for creating your introductory video:

  • All videos should be recorded using a smartphone or similar device and should not exceed 90 seconds.
  • Professional/third-party videos/services are prohibited from being used to record or edit videos.
  • Backgrounds of videos should be neutral- we want the focus to be on you!
  • The video should only include the PNM and not include the use of props or other individuals. 
  • Include the following in your video:
    • Name
    • Hometown
    • Major
    • Why you are interested in joining a sorority
    • Consider touching on one or any of the following:
      • What makes you most proud of who you are?
      • What are your personal and/or professional goals and aspirations?
      • What is something unique about you that you would like to share with chapters?

Have you already registered for Fall 2021 Panhellenic Primary Recruitment but want to add a video to your current registration? You can edit your recruitment registration application! If you need assistance doing so, please contact npcastate@gmail.com 

Our hope is that these informational videos will help to provide PNMs with an additional opportunity to feel as though they can thoroughly express themselves and share with our chapters a little more about who they are. 

*Stay tuned for a sample video that will provide you with a visual example *

Primary Recruitment Early Move-In Info

Due to COVID-19, please stay tuned for any possible changes to early move-in day. Should any changes occur, PNMs will be notified through this website and our A-State Panhellenic Instagram, (@npcstate). Recruitment registrants will also be notified via the email address provided on the official Primary Recruitment registration. 

You will notice that Arkansas State Panhellenic Primary Recruitment occurs the week prior to the first day of class for the Fall semester. It is our hope that potential new members are more comfortable participating in Primary Recruitment prior to classes beginning. It can sometimes prove quite a challenge for potential new members and members to balance Formal Recruitment with new classes, new experiences, and--for some--a new temporary home. We want to make this experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!

Upon registering for Primary Recruitment, Potential New Members who plan to live in on-campus housing will be assigned an early move-in date for their assigned residence hall. Following the Primary Recruitment registration deadline of July 26, 2021, the Office of Fraternity/Sorority Life will provide the list of recruitment registrants to the Department of Residence Life. If you register for Primary Recruitment by the July 26 deadline and have an on-campus housing assignment, you are guaranteed an early move-in date of Sunday, August 15, 2021. Pending any COVID-19 restrictions, our Recruitment Counselors/Gamma Chis will likely be on-site ready to assist you and your family with move-in!

A-State Panhellenic Gives Back

Philanthropy and service is a foundational value of fraternities and sororities. All of our A-State Panhellenic sororities host highly successful and beneficial philanthropic events and participate in hands-on community service. Most recently, the A-State Panhellenic Council has adopted the Circle of Sisterhood as the council-wide philanthropy. The Circle of Sisterhood is a non-profit organization founded and empowered by sorority women across the United States on a mission to raise financial resources to help remove education barriers for girls and women facing poverty and oppression around the world. For more information on this non-profit organization, please visit https://www.circleofsisterhood.org/  

Throughout 2021, A-State Panhellenic will sponsor fundraising opportunities and events to support this cause. As a Potential New Member, you have the opportunity to assist our sororities in their fundraising efforts. You may choose to make a $5 donation to Circle of Sisterhood at the time of your online Recruitment Registration Fee payment. Your $5 donation will go directly to the Circle of Sisterhood on behalf of the A-State Panhellenic Council. Please know that this $5 donation is optional and confidential.  


In order to join a Panhellenic sorority, you must be a full-time student in good conduct and academic standing with Arkansas State University-Jonesboro at the time of Primary Recruitment. In order to be eligible for A-State Sorority Recruitment, you must complete the below checklist:

  • Register for recruitment online through ICS & complete each required section on the online application. 
    • You are only allowed to register ONCE. Please do not register a second time, as that increases the chances of us mixing up your most recent application. If you wish to make adjustments to a current registration, you may revisit your Primary Recruitment Confirmation Email that was sent once you submitted your application. Inside your confirmation email you will find a link that directs you back to your application to make any necessary changes.
      • There is an option to attach a personal resume and/or PNM introductory video, (please see above for more info on PNM videos). If you have already registered and need to attach either or both, please send your information to npcastate@gmail.com. We will upload the information for you. 
  • Attach a personal photo to the end of the online application, as directed. We recommend this to be a clear headshot that makes you feel like the confident and beautiful young woman that you are!
  • Pay your required $85 registration fee + optional $5 donation to Circle of Sisterhood non-profit by 11:59pm on July 26, 2021. The Recruitment Registration Fee covers the cost of Recruitment t-shirts, name tags, Recruitment Counselor training materials, and usage of the online recruitment registration system, ICS, during the week of Formal Recruitment. At the very end of the online application process, you will be directed to a secure payment site where you may pay your $85 recruitment registration fee + optional $5 donation to Circle of Sisterhood by credit card/debit card.
  • Want to know what to expect during Sorority Recruitment, receive helpful insider tips, meet other young women going through Recruitment, and get all of your questions answered? To the left of your screen, simply click on the Sorority Preview Day link for information on how to participate in Sorority Preview Day this summer!
  • A cumulative GPA of a 2.0 is required for all A-State women, (incoming freshmen, transfer, and upperclassmen), planning on going through Primary Recruitment. However, all A-State Panhellenic sororities have higher local and inter/national academic requirements for membership. A woman will likely be released from the recruitment process if she does not meet the minimum chapter GPA requirements for membership. We strongly encourage, but do not require, a 3.0 GPA for all students to participate in Primary Recruitment.
  • Letters of Recommendation are not required but can only benefit you. We strongly recommend you review our resources on Letters of Recommendation here>>  to gain strong insight into Letters of Recommendation for A-State Panhellenic Primary Recruitment. If you obtain any Letters of Recommendation, please ensure those Letters of Recommendation are submitted by Friday, August 6, 2021. 
  • Get excited for Recruitment!

Your application is not complete until all materials have been received.