Welcome to Arkansas State University!

International Program Ambassadors

Our International Ambassadors are located in offices N222 and N224 of the International Programs Building. Please stop by their offices or click on ambassador ‘s photo below to contact a particular ambassador for questions!

Ambassadors Can:

Answer questions about campus life as a student
Connect students to various departments and organizations
Assist in communicating by translation (Currently available in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnam)
Sharing experience as international students including how to study and make friends etc.
And much more!


Yixing Wang

Hometown: Zhe Jiang, a south east province of China

Home Country: China

Major: Computer Science

Language Spoken: Chinese and English

Why A-State: Because I think A-State provides systematically teaching in computer science, and A-State has a good reputation for its international students community.

Why I Am Pursuing My Current Degree: Because the methods in computer science, like ways of modeling problems, are very interesting and useful that they can be used to tackle real world challenges. Computer science is also a powerful tool that is used in various fields like science, engineering, and businesses. I believe learning computer science lays a foundation for studying other fields in the future.

Favorite things to do on Campus: As a nerd, I enjoy studying in the library. To be less nerdy, I go to all kinds of international events on campus – the conversation club at the BCM, for example, is one of my favorite places where I met all my crazy friends.

Why I Am An International Ambassador: Studying in a university is difficult, studying in a university abroad is more challenging. I wish I can give motivations to international students and assist them to make more personal connections, so they can excel both their academic and social life!


Ryota Shimamoto

Hometown: Fukuoka

Home Country: Japan

Major: Marketing

Languages Spoken: Japanese and English

Why A-State: I wanted to study under the best minds in the country. It also offered the specialization I was seeking, and I wanted to fast track my education. A-state has a large diverse student body. More choices of majors and specializations. I chose A-state since I wanted to maximize y post-college opportunities while still in school. 

Why Am I An International Ambassador: I would love to talk to new international students and help them out in every possible way. It would help me build a traffic network as an ambassador. Also, I can imagine how hard it is for other international students to come to a foreign land where everything is so different, from food, to lifestyle and language.

My Favorite Place on Campus: I would say Wolf Life.


Yubin Lim

Hometown: Pyeongtaek

Home Country: South Korea

Major: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

Languages Spoken: Korean & English

Why A-State: A-state is well known for offering many opportunities for Korean students with affordable tuition, high-quality education, and beneficial environments, which makes me choose A-state.

Favorite Place on Campus: Definitely library. I can see all my friends there! I just feel comfortable being in the library, like my home.

Why I Am An International Ambassador: With various experiences helping international students, I am confident in this position. I am always excited to help others and be friends with them. Everyone is welcome!

                                    giang trinh

Hoang Giang Trinh

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City

Home Country: Vietnam

Major: Master in Business Administration, Marketing emphasized

Language Spoken: Vietnamese, English, German (just a bit)

Why A-State: I chose ASU because of the affordable program as well as the availability of the Hospitality Management major.

Why I Am Pursuing My Current Degree: Because I would love to work in the Hospitality and Tourism industry in the future.

Favorite things to do on Campus: Working out, hang out with friends, acquaint new people.

Why I Am An International Ambassador: I'd love to help new students to have a comfortable and valuable experience at ASU.


Izaak Moore

Hometown: Brisbane

Home Country: Australia

Major: Business Management

Language Spoken: English

Why A-State: A-State has a perfect balance between a great business program and a great rugby program. With Rugby being my passion it was important for me to go somewhere with a top level program. A-State was perfect being a top 10 ranked team in the nation. As well as this the business program really appealed to me as it provides me with the connections and experience to advance in a career in Business. 

Why I Am Pursuing My Current Degree: I have a genuine joy for business. After I have hung up the cleats for good I am planning on getting into the pharmaceutical industry. My current degree in business management will suit me well moving forward.

Favorite things to do on Campus: When I’m not busy studying at the library or training in the gym, I love to attend the red wolves sporting events. The Football, Basketball and Volleyball are my favorite to cheer on! I also love hanging out with all of the wonderful friends I have made.

Why I Am An International Ambassador: Being an international student myself, I understand what it is like moving from from the other side of the world. I can remember what it was like when I first arrived at A-State. The international department and ambassadors were wonderful in helping me through some of the difficulties of adjusting to a new country. I would love to pay it forward and help those who were in my position, as I was helped when I first arrived.

nathaly gonzalez.jpg

Nathaly Gonzalez

Hometown: Sonsonate

Home Country: El Salvador

Major: Bachelor of Science in Business Economics

Language Spoken: Spanish and English

Why A-State:  I chose A-State because it has affordable tuition and high-quality education, I love that students have curriculum flexibility in a personalized program of study, additionally, A-State provides many opportunities and support to international students.

Why I Am Pursuing My Current Degree: Since I was a child, I have been in love with the business environment, I really enjoy mathematics and learning what makes the world go around. In the future, I would like to unlock the entrepreneur inside me and leave my mark on the world with the knowledge I will acquire from my degree. 

Favorite things to do on Campus: My favorite activity on campus is definitely volunteering as part of the A-State volunteer organization. It is really fun to help other students and meet new people at the same time. Another activity I like is to meet my friends in the library where we can study and have a good time together.

Why I Am an International Ambassador: I know that studying abroad can be challenging, being an international student allowed me to understand this feeling and it motivates me to support new incoming and current international students at the university. I would like to help them to learn about cultural diversity at college, being a supporter in their path to settling down at the university in a foreign country and encourage more students to study abroad.