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What is a Volunteer Note-taker?

Our Volunteer Note-takers are wonderful students who take great notes in their classes, and are willing to share a copy of those notes with a student with a disability!  At any given time A-State has 100-150 students enrolled in the Note-taking Program, which makes the services our volunteers provide invaluable!

Students that may require Note-taking Services include but are not limited to an umbrella of disabilities. 

Does it take a lot of extra time?

No!  All you’re required to do is bring your notes to Access & Accommodation Services (A&AS) and make a copy of them for FREE, and we’ll take it from there.  If you type your notes, you can email them and save yourself a trip!

Benefits of Being a Volunteer Note-Taker

  • Develop Leadership/Volunteerism Skills
  • Opportunity to Enhance Your Resume
  • Meet New Energetic Scholars
  • Receive Letter of Recommendation
  • Improve Career Opportunities/Social Awareness

How Do I Become a Volunteer Note-taker?

There are 2 ways to become a Volunteer Note-taker:

  • Sign-up via the A&AS AIM website link, Sign up as Note-taker. Complete and submit the Note-taking Volunteer Application
  • Stop by A&AS to complete a Volunteer Note-taker Application

For Students with Disabilities

If you are a current or perspective student registered with our department, please contact A&AS to update or inquire about this service.

For Volunteers

The success of our Volunteer Note-taking Program depends entirely on the dedication and generosity of our volunteers.  By sharing a copy of your notes, the student has a chance to concentrate on the content being presented in class rather than the mechanics of trying to get it all down on paper.   We gladly provide letters of recommendation, sign-off on any volunteer/community service hours that students may need to fulfill social organization requirements, as well as host an appreciation reception recognizing all of our volunteers at the end of the year.  Interested parties should follow the link above to complete the online Volunteer Note-taker Application or contact the A&AS Volunteer Note-taking Program Coordinator at 870-972-3964.

For Faculty

Your assistance is invaluable in helping us locate quality note-takers for our students.  Please encourage students to volunteer; not only are they helping fellow classmates, many of our volunteers report that their note-taking skills have greatly improved by taking notes for another student!   Retaining dependable ghostwriters (note-takers) can sometimes be difficult, so your announcements, emails, and recommendations are greatly appreciated.