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Temporary Department Contact Information

Faculty and staff in most university units are working remotely until further notice, to avoid face-to-face contact during the pandemic.  Here is a list of affected units and their temporary contact information.  If the area you are seeking is not listed, go to the A-Z list on our website

If you are looking for on-campus student services like dining hall hours, use this link to COVID-19 campus services.

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Student Service Areas

Access & Accommodation Services

For assistance, email dservices@AState.edu or 870-972-3964.


The A-State Admissions supports the CDC recommendation to practice social distancing. We have developed several options to correspond with students while working off-site:

  • Email admissions@AState.edu (include your name, date of birth, description of your issue and a call back number)
  • Call 870-972-2782 (if leaving a voice message, leave your name, date of birth, description of your issue and a call back number)
  • Join our online chat: https://tinyurl.com/v3erqyo (you’ll need an active email address and a download of WebEx teams)
  • Schedule a virtual appointment with an Admissions representative at https://astateadmissions.as.me/

Career Services

The Career Services office is working remotely until further notice. For assistance, email tijohnson@AState.edu or call 870-972-3025. Virtual career support can be found at www.AState.edu/Careers or www.HireAState.com.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is working remotely until further notice with all on-going counseling services being held by telementalhealth through a HIPPA-compliant Zoom portal. Current clients should have received correspondence from their counselor. For new clients or those in crisis, call 870-972-2318 during normal office hours or 870-972-2093 after hours.

Dean of Students

For assistance, email mspack@AState.edu or call 870-972-2048 (provide name, A-State ID, description of your issue and call back number).

Enrollment Management

If you need assistance, contact 870-972-3355 or email Bryan Terry at bterry@AState.edu

Financial Aid

To ask any questions related to current or upcoming scholarship or financial aid, contact Terry Finney at FinAid@AState.edu or by phone at 870-972-2310.

International Programs

International Programs is open special hours, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The remainder of the time, the office will be working remotely, and may be contacted by email at msluder@AState.edu or by phone at 870-972-2329.

Leadership Center

For assistance, email ahurdle@AState.edu or call 870-972-2055 (provide name, A-State ID, description of your issue and call back number).

Multicultural Affairs

For assistance, call 870-680-4052, or email us at astatemc@AState.edu.


For assistance, email tfinch@AState.edu or call 870-972-2031.

Student Conduct

For assistance, email hbrake@AState.edu or call 870-972-2034 (provide name, A-State ID, description of your issue and call back number).

University Housing

For assistance, email housing@AState.edu or call 870-972-2042 (provide name, A-State ID, description of your issue and call back number).

Academic Affairs Offices

Arkansas Biosciences Institute

ABI will remain open, and as of now palming access remains unrestricted.  Researchers will have access to all research space within the building.  It should be noted that none of the labs are large enough to observe social distancing in groups larger than five.  Only the conference room ABI 107 is appropriate for a group as large as 10.

A-State Online

For assistance, email astateonline@AState.edu or call 870-972-2920.

Concurrent Enrollment Program

For assistance, email CEP@AState.edu or call 870-680-8365

First-Year Experience 

For assistance, email awalker@AState.edu or phone at 870-972-3250.

Honors College

For assistance, email honors@AState.edu or 870-972-2308.

The Learning Commons

For assistance, email tcarter@AState.edu or call 870-972-2080.

Learning Support Services/Tutoring

For assistance, email klee@AState.edu or phone 870-972-3150. Students may also find information regarding tutoring by visiting www.AState.edu/a/tutoring/.

Nontraditional Studies

For assistance, email nnesbitt@AState.edu or call 870-972-3574

Pack Support & Student Outreach

For assistance, email awells@AState.edu or PackSupport@AState.edu, or phone at 870-972-2089.

Research & Technology Transfer

RTT is currently working remotely until further notice. You can still reach us by calling our main line at 870-972-2694 or by email at research@astate.edu.

SMART Center

For assistance, email pneal@AState.edu or tcaskey@AState.edu or call 870-972-3594 or 870-972-4814

Student Support Services

For assistance, email SSS@AState.edu or call 870-972-2320.

Transition Studies

For assistance, email cshermanhersey@AState.edu or call 870-972-2080

Wilson Advising Center

For assistance, email wilsonadvising@AState.edu or call 870-972-3001.

Individual Colleges

College of Agriculture

For general assistance, email sellis@AState.edu or call 870-972-2085. For advising or registration assistance, email qgreer@AState.edu.

Equine Center

The Equine Center will remain staffed. For assistance, email Brent Files, Equine Center Manager, at bfiles@AState.edu or call 870-219-3788.

University Farm

The University Farm will remain staffed. For assistance, email Corey Readnour, University Farm Director, at rreadnour@AState.edu or call 501-208-6958.

Neil Griffin College of Business

For general assistance, email jskinner@astate.edu or call 870-972-3035. For advising or registration assistance, email cperry@astate.edu

Department of Accounting

For assistance, email Dr. Jim Doering, Department Chair, at jdoering@astate.edu.

Department of Computer and Information Technology

For assistance, email Dr. Jim Doering, Department Chair, at jdoering@astate.edu

Department of Economics and Finance

For assistance, email Dr. Patricia Robertson, Department Chair, at probertson@astate.edu

Department of Management and Marketing

For assistance, email Dr. Karen McDaniel, Department Chair, at kmcdaniel@astate.edu

MBA Program

For assistance, email Linda Thomas at linda@astate.edu or Dr. Karen McDaniel at kmcdaniel@astate.edu

MAcc Program

For assistance, email Linda Thomas at linda@astate.edu or Dr. John Robertson at jfrobert@astate.edu

College of Education and Behavioral Science

Department of Teacher Education

For assistance, email rtowery@AState.edu or call 870-972-3059, or 870-680-8097.

College of Engineering and Computer Science

For general assistance, email tsaffell@astate.edu or yhwang@astate.edu or call 870-972-3565. For undergraduate advising assistance, email your academic adviser or dbearden@astate.edu.

Department of Computer Science

For assistance, email ashotwell@astate.edu or call 870-972-3014.

Undergraduate Engineering (Civil/Electrical/Mechanical) Programs

For assistance, email sturner@astate.edu or call 870-972-2088.

Technology Program

For advising assistance, email lgibson@astate.edu. For general program related assistance email rsharma@astate.eduor call 870-972-2270.

Engineering Graduate Program

For assistance, email bkemp@astate.edu or call 870-680-4302.

Engineering Management Program

For assistance, email asokolov@astate.edu or call 870-972-3635.

College of Liberal Arts and Communication

Department of Art + Design

For assistance, one may call 870-972-3050, or email cwhitaker@AState.edu or tbalducci@astate.edu. Students utilizing studio space are asked to abide by the recommendations for distancing themselves from others and using the hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes provided. If one finds that the studio spaces have more than a couple of people working, please come back at another time to allow everyone the safest work area possible.

Department of Communication

For advising assistance, email your academic adviser or caevans@AState.edu. For general assistance, call 870-972-2816.

Department of Criminology, Sociology & Geography

For assistance, email ghogue@AState.edu or jgibson@AState.edu or call 870-972-3973.

Department of English, Philosophy & World Languages

For assistance, email jcollins@AState.edu or bltibbs@AState.edu or call 870-972-3043.

Heritage Studies

For assistance, email lumansky@AState.edu or call 870-972-3509.

Department of History

For assistance, email jcastro@AState.edu or call 870-972-3046.


KASU remains operational, but with limited contact hours in the office. Contact is Mark Smith, msmith@AState.edu or call 870-972-2283.

Department of Music

For assistance, email erobison@AState.edu or lsclark@AState.edu or call 870-897-1782.

Department of Political Science

For assistance, email wmclean@AState.edu or vgilmer@AState.edu or call 870-972-3048.

Printing Services

Printing Services has closed operations. Contact is Pradeep Mishra, pmishra@AState.edu, 870-972-3114 or Julie Johnson, jujohnson@AState.edu, 870-972-3372.

Department of Theatre

For assistance, email lboyd@AState.edu or call 870-972-2037.

School of Media & Journalism

For assistance, email kimcdaniel@AState.edu or brawlins@AState.edu or call 870-972-3070

College of Nursing and Health Professions

Contact the Dean's Office: email Dr. Susan Hanrahan, Dean or call 870-972-3112

College of Sciences and Mathematics

Department of Biological Sciences

For assistance with travel, student holds, registration permits, and all other general inquiries, email mmeese@AState.edu or call 870-972-3082. For fiscal support, email pharrell@AState.edu or call 870-972-2888.

Department of Chemistry and Physics

For assistance, email lkihlstadius@AState.edu or call 870-972-3086.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

For assistance, please email Lauren DeFazio at ldefazio@astate.edu or call 870-972-3090.

Environmental Sciences and Molecular Biosciences

For assistance, email dbarton@AState.edu or call 870-972-2007

Finance and Administration Areas

Budget Office

For assistance, email mcmillin@AState.edu or call 870-972-2649.

Campus Card Center

For assistance, email access@AState.edu or in an emergent situation, call 870-219-1207

Facilities Management

Work Order Center will be staffed Monday and Thursday; phones will be forwarded to on-site FM staff on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Central Receiving will be staffed Monday and Thursday.  Packages will be redistributed on Monday and Thursday.  Perishable or urgent deliveries scheduled or delivered on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday should be coordinated with Central Receiving staff in advance, contacting at extension 3254. Warehouse will be staffed 8 a.m. to noon, Monday - Friday.  

IT Store and ITS Help Desk

For assistance, email itstore@AState.edu or connect through social media or the A-State App. For technical assistance, email itshelpdesk@AState.edu or call 870-972-3933.

Small Business and Technology Development Center

For assistance, contact the SBTDC by phone at 870-897-9685 or 870-919-1835, or by email at asusbtdc@AState.edu.

Sponsored Programs Accounting

The Office of Sponsored Programs Accounting will have a staff member in the office Monday – Thursday. Paperwork for SPA signature should be placed in the box outside office 620D on the sixth floor of the Dean B. Ellis Library. For assistance, call 870-972-2400

Treasurer’s Office; Cashier’s Window

The Treasurer’s Office staff is primarily working remotely. The Cashier’s Window is open, but may reduce hours of operation after the student move-out date. Email questions to sasbillpayment@astate.edu or call 870-972-2285.


A-State Foundation

The A-State Foundation is working remotely until further notice. For assistance, email mlivingston@AState.edu or call 870-268-1009.

Advancement / Development

To contact someone in University Advancement, email advancement@AState.edu.  For questions about gift processing, contact Christy Harvey at charvey@AState.edu.

Alumni Relations

To contact alumni relations, email alumni@AState.edu or find them on Facebook or Instagram.

ASU Museum

The campus museum is closed to visitors or tour groups.  For assistance, email museum@AState.edu or call 870-680-4179.

Beck Center for Veterans

Lynda Nash, director, is working remotely. For assistance, call or text Lynda at 870-761-8870, or email lnash@astate.edu.  The office hours/services will be re-evaluated weekly; check posts on our Facebook page: Beck Center for Veterans at A-State, for updates.

Bradbury Art Museum

The Bradbury Art Museum is closed to visitors or tour groups until further notice. For more details or assistance, contact Garry Holstein at gholstein@AState.edu, or call 870-972-3687.

Diversity and Community Engagement

For assistance, call 870-972-3081, or email JaeKur Lockhart, administrative assistant, at jlockhart@AState.edu. Leave your name, A-State ID, brief description of issue, and call back number. One may also email Sharon Lee, director of community engagement, at slee@AState.edu, or Dr. Maurice Gibson, vice chancellor for the Division of Diversity Administration at mgipson@AState.edu.

Heritage Sites

Closed to visitors until further notice.

Marketing and Communications

Main office phone, 870-972-3820, is being answered remotely.

To reach these offices direct, contact: