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Business and Employee Wellness Continuity

Getting to work/public transportation

If you are using public transportation such as Jonesboro JET busses or while riding on group transportation provided by A-State, we recommend using a face covering before entering the vehicle, spacing yourself as much as possible on the vehicle, avoiding touching of surfaces in the vehicle and washing hands and/or using hand sanitizer after exiting the vehicle.

Working spaces

All work areas are different and may require different types of risk mitigation strategies. In consultation with Facilities Management and Environmental Health and Safety, supervisors will assess work environments prior to employees return to campus to determine the best mitigation strategies.

Cleaning and disinfecting

  • The A-State Facilities Management custodial team utilizes EPA-registered disinfectants to clean common surfaces on campus.
  • Look for hand sanitizer dispensers located at entrances and exits of buildings, and in offices and other facilities.
  • In campus bathrooms, make sure to use good technique and wash hands at least 20 seconds. To learn more, watch this video from the CDC or go to this website page on healthy hand washing.
  • Beyond your own personal efforts to clean and keep common areas disinfected, Facilities Management has additional tools at its disposal in the event for the need to clean areas.

Using elevators

Following state of Arkansas building guidelines, no more than two people should occupy an elevator. They should stand with as much physical distancing as possible following the signage and indicated markings on the elevator floor. Masks are strongly encouraged when in elevators as they are limited spaces with limited air exchange. Make sure to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after pressing common buttons like elevator call buttons or floor selection buttons. When possible, use stairs.


Use of restrooms should be limited based on facility size to ensure proper social distancing whenever possible. Wash your hands thoroughly afterward for at least 20 seconds.

Queues for services

All employees, students, and visitors are asked to not gather around counters or doors, and to pay particular attention to line spacing strategies that are placed on floors and other signage. Use the same six-foot spacing rule of thumb for any personal interactions, or when entering or exiting buildings. Do not crowd into close lines of individuals, even if using masks.

Appointments for services

For almost all student service areas, please contact that office in advance to schedule a time to meet with the service provider. This allows for spacing of appointments and avoiding lines outside of key offices. A-State is investigating the addition of a campus-wide appointment scheduling program that will assist in managing physical distancing. Check the university COVID-19 website for more details.

Continuing virtual meetings

Whenever possible, meetings of groups should be continued via Zoom or WebEx virtual tools. If meetings are required, physical distancing among participants and use of masks is required.


  • The university’s travel policies in response to COVID-19 remain in place until the state of Arkansas provides revisions. No official international travel will be authorized, except by direct appeal to the Chancellor for travel that fulfills A-State’s critical research, operational, or strategic mission. No official travel will be authorized to CDC Levels 2 or 3 travel warning countries. Official travel to countries from which the U.S. currently bans entry will not be authorized. All study abroad trips sponsored by A-State are cancelled in 2020. Employees are discouraged from personal travel to international locations, and may be subject to quarantine based on CDC guidelines before being allowed to return to campus.
  • Official domestic travel will only be authorized if it fulfills A-State’s critical research, operational, or strategic mission. Individuals may seek permission for official domestic travel by discussing travel plans with their direct supervisors, who will forward their recommendations to Dr. Len Frey via email. Upon consultation with either the provost or other relevant members of the campus leadership team, Dr. Frey will make recommendations to the chancellor, who retains sole authority to approve travel under this temporary policy. When traveling by rental or A-State vehicle, no more than two employees should ride together.
  • Employees or students who are authorized to travel but who have concerns about doing so shall not be compelled by anyone to travel.
  • If you do travel, please exercise caution with entering large crowds and engaging in close contact with others. Continue to practice social distancing and strong hygiene measures, such as regular hand washing, use of hand sanitizers, and covering your mouth/nose with your elbow when you cough or sneeze.

Please understand that the coronavirus risks associated with travel represents a very fluid situation at this time, and requirements for quarantine related to different travel destinations can change with little notice.

Campus Support Areas

Meals on campus

Acansa Dining Hall is closed for dining in, but continues to provide meals in a grab-and-go format. Consult the main AState.edu/Coronavirus page for updates on operating hours. Wash hands before and after eating.

Use of break rooms, common spaces

Until the university enters Phase 3, all break rooms and common spaces will remain closed.

Plan version issued: June 25, 2020