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Alternative Mode of Delivery

Additional Physical Resources Within Classrooms

  • Double number of classrooms able to accommodate live streaming (from 10 to 20)
  • Increase document cameras for faculty to display or model items (adding 10 classrooms)
  • Improved technology in additional classrooms for Fall 2020

Staffing to Support Course Development

  • Addition of three course instructional materials designers
  • Implementation of uniform Blackboard LMS templates to reduce student confusion
  • Additional training sessions in June and July to assist faculty with key tools, including video recording for lecture, web conferencing tools, test proctoring and best practices for online and hybrid course design.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Collaborating with Academic Affairs to encourage all faculty to prepare this summer to have Fall 2020 courses ready for 100% online delivery if needed.
  • Encouraging all faculty to prepare Fall 2020 courses for potential online delivery, especially instructors who are classed Category 3 employees by HR.

Plan version issued: June 25, 2020