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Mask Policy

Information as of: March 7, 2022

Effective Aug. 12, 2021, the following COVID protocol will be in force on the Arkansas State University campus.

During periods of higher active cases of COVID in our county (defined as “High Transmission” status by the CDC), Arkansas State will require the use of face coverings for indoor events where social distancing is not practical

This includes any classroom space, hallway or entrance where six-foot social distancing is not practical, any indoor event where six-foot separation is not possible, any meetings where spacing is not practical, and in confined spaces such as elevators.  At outdoor events, masking is recommended but not required.  In classrooms and confined spaces, individuals are required to wear a face covering regardless of vaccination status.  An exception can be made for instructors who are not required to wear face masks or coverings while lecturing if they are maintaining a safe distance of 12 feet from students.  Otherwise, instructors are asked to wear face shields while in close proximity to students. Masks are recommended but not required for students in classes that are held outdoors or in rooms where social distancing for all students is possible. 

Face coverings are not required inside individual residence areas.  We ask that everyone be welcoming of those who choose to mask up at all times.

Face coverings are required for staff in situations similar to those of classrooms or meeting rooms, and in-person meetings should be converted to virtual meetings until the masking mandate is lifted (when possible). Employees are not required to wear masks in their individual offices.

The university reminds all on-campus organizations that the Arkansas Department of Health continues to have a list of recommended actions related to any indoor events.  All on-campus events should be entered into the university’s Submit Event calendar, but especially any indoor special event to comply with ADH guidelines.

Students, faculty and staff are reminded that you are required to report your COVID status to the university.  Along with reporting a positive COVID test, you should also report if you are exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID or your direct exposure to a positive COVID case.

In addition to masking indoors, Arkansas State also highly recommends individuals seek out one of the three approved vaccination regimens.