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Novel Coronavirus

Information as of: August 4, 2021

Masking is welcome and recommended

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Arkansas State University operated under its Emergency Operations Plan due to the global coronavirus pandemic through May 30, 2021. Information related to the pandemic continues to be posted here. While the EOC is not operating formally, its members, including the A-State Medical Team, continue to monitor COVID-19 issues and are continuing to collect self-reporting and issue weekly updates on COVID cases.


With the recent uptick in cases due to the Delta variant of coronavirus, Arkansas State is reminding all members of our community:

Masks are welcome, and recommended.

In compliance with state of Arkansas Act 1002, A-State is not requiring face coverings. However, during times of increased communicable diseases – whether COVID or traditional flu season – we encourage individuals to use masks, and we also request that everyone respect the choices of those of wish to wear masks, particularly indoors or in settings where distancing is not possible.

Vaccination resources

With all three COVID-19 vaccines widely available in the region, A-State is recommending students, faculty or staff who are not vaccinated to contact the on-campus NYIT Student Health Center, one of the numerous local pharmacies, the ADH county health unit, or their personal healthcare provider. Most are not requiring appointments. If you want further resources, the CDC has set up Vaccines.gov as a one-stop website to find a provider in your town. You can also text your ZIP code to 438829, or call 1-800-232-0233 to find locations near you in the U.S.

Stay up to date on communications

Arkansas State has maintained a robust stream of messages to the campus throughout the pandemic. Please make sure you are checking the university’s official email correspondence to all – Daily Digest – each day. For employees, this is your official means of receiving vital employee updates, and should be the first thing read each day at work. For students, please remember that like all official correspondence – including your instructors and other FERPA protected educational communications – will be sent to your student A-State email account.

Delta is different

Along with being far easier to spread to others, the Delta variant has some different primary symptoms. Please check with ADH and CDC for current guidance on what is suspicious.

When in doubt, stay home

Please don’t share your sniffles – COVID or otherwise – with your friends and neighbors. And if you are feeling ill, report in via our self-reporting form. Also, don’t be shy about testing. Especially with the Delta variant, asymptomatic spread is a very real problem.


All official COVID-19 communication can be found on our campus COVID-19 communication page.


For daily updates on COVID-19 in the state, go to the ADH status update page.