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Non-Degree Students

Individuals who wish to pursue courses of special interest without submitting academic credentials may register for a maximum of six hours per semester (or 3 per summer term) accumulating up to 12 semester hours of undergraduate non-degree credit. Thereafter, non-degree students must comply with university admissions requirements or obtain a written waiver from the Registrar.

CAUTION: Non-degree students should not enroll in courses that are required in the general education program. Courses taken for non-degree credit are not acceptable toward a degree unless validated later by the student's meeting all conditions for admission to the university, including remediation requirements.

Admission Criteria

Non-degree students are required to submit all admissions credentials listed under application criteria except for ACT scores and high school and/or college transcripts.

Course Prerequisites

Non-degree students are required to meet the same course prerequisites as other students. Non-degree students are generally not eligible to participate in financial aid programs. Due to specific enrollment limitations, non-degree students may not register through the university's web registration system.