Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Step 1: Activate Your Campus Wide ID Number

Before registering for a session, you must first activate your Campus Wide ID number. Follow the steps below to get started. Note: If you have already activated your Campus Wide ID Number please proceed to Step 2 to select an orientation date.

  1. Visit the MyCampus portal
  2. Click First Time Users underneath the login button.
  3. Read A-State's Acceptable Use Policy. If you agree, click I accept and then Submit.
  4. To get your ID number and PIN, click the link underneath the statement "I do not know your Campus Wide ID or PIN."
  5. Fill in Social Security Number and Date of Birth. Once you submit this page, write down or print the information on the screen.
  6. Visit the Automated Account Manager page and enter your ID, PIN and create your password.  Be sure to remember the password you created.

Please keep in mind that your email will not be active until you register for classes.

Step 2: Register for a Session 

Make sure you have activated your account, the instructions are listed above. 

  1. Select the college that coincides with your intended major.
    • A-State has college-specific orientations designed so that you can meet your Dean, faculty, advisors as well as new classmates in your area of interest. If you are uncertain about your major, feel free to attend the best fit for you. General advisors are available at all sessions. To help you make the best selection of college, browse the chart here.   
  2. Visit the NSR registration page
  3. Enter User ID and PIN
  4. Click Student
  5. Click Registration
  6. Click Select Term, choose 2020 Fall, click Submit
  7. Click Add or Drop Classes and enter the 5 digit CRN number listed by the session you prefer below. 
    • 2020 NSO dates coming soon!
  8. You have successfully registered for a New Student Orientation Session when your Current Schedule status reads "Web Registered."  
  9. You will receive an email confirmation within 72 hours of selected your New Student Orientation Date and time. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact the Office of Admissions at 870-972-2031.
  10. Should you have other commitments on the day of your scheduled date, please contact Shannan Sparks at 870-972-2607 to cancel your current date and choose another that fits your schedule.

Step 3: Pre Advising Survey